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ReverieRO: 30/30/30x


Upon creating a ReverieRO account, you agree to comply with our terms of service and rules.

In case of you violating those, you will be subjected to punishment at the ReverieRO Team's discretion, ranging from warnings to termination of your respective account(s).

Please abide by our rules at all times, in order to ensure a fair and fun environment for everyone.

Behavioral Rules:

Technical Rules:

Monetary Rules:

A few words regarding the player-staff dynamic:

Whenever examples are given above, they're meant to give you an idea of what the individual rule entails. You might be punished for behaviour that violates the rules, even if your offense is not specifically stated within the rule's description.

We - the ReverieRO GMs - reserve the right to add, alter and/or remove rules at any given time, at our descretion.