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Attention : ReverieRO is closed/unavailable for players! Currently only the staff members can access the server!


Upon creating a ReverieRO account, you agree to comply with our terms of service and rules.

In case of you violating those, you will be subjected to punishment at the ReverieRO Team's discretion, ranging from warnings to termination of your respective account(s).

Please abide by our rules at all times, in order to ensure a fair and fun environment for everyone.

Behavioral Rules:

  • ReverieRO's mother tongue is English, so please keep public endeavours in English to the best of your abilities. Do you wish to connect/chat with players of your own region? Kindly refer to the #intl channel, guild or party chat. Otherwise, public chats/channels - if not further specified as a place for other languages - are to be used in English.
  • Similar to above, please use the global channel system wisely. Do not use #main as a replacement for your party or guild chat! There's no need for everyone online to know that your party member should buff you, go north of a specific map or anything else that can be communicated between your own group.
  • Treat others like the average person would want to be treated. Do not harass, stalk, discriminate, insult or threaten fellow players or the ReverieRO staff. This does not only mean in-game, but also through Discord or any of our other platorms.
  • Do not choose offensive or intentionally convoluted names. As much as we encourage reasonable and sensible discussions, we do not support nor tolerate racism, homophobia, transphobia or any other kind of hatespeech in either behavior or character names.
  • Do not disrupt the general flow of gameplay for others. For example, dueling in crowded places, excessively using skills in towns or buildings, blocking entrances by any means or utilizing sending and/or spamming party invites, trade and/or friendship requests to other players as means of disrupting their gameplay. We ask you to resolve minor disputes and inconveniences on your own before taking it to the ReverieRO staff.
  • Do not impersonate staff or masquerade yourself as a GM in any way or form. That includes choosing names that suggest you're representing ReverieRO.
  • When opening a support ticket, abide to our support ticket rule-set.
  • Do not advertise other servers in any way or form.
  • Keep ReverieRO's most public places (server-wide chats, public chat in Prontera, unfitting sections of our Discord and/or Forum) light-hearted and fun for everyone to read. Avoid discussions about politics, religion or any other sensitive/NSFW topics in those areas. If you wish to have a healthy discussion about those topics, please do it through Private Messaging or find a secluded spot in game were it may not hurt potential bystanders.
  • Do not scheme, plot or engage in real-life criminal activities through any platform of our server (Game, Forum and/or Discord). Depending on the severity of the matter, we may report you to your local authorities upon being discovered.
  • Being accomplice to violating any rules, will yield the same punishment for you as the main offender will receive.

Technical Rules:

  • Do not utilize any third party programs to alter your ReverieRO experience towards having an advantage over other players, meaning:
    - Full Automation (greater offense) : Full automation means that there is no user interaction required, such as a bot, which walks around automatically for a player to perform actions. This could also be a script that runs in the background which constantly repeats a task. The rule of thumb here is as follows: "If you can walk away from your computer, and your character still performs actions, then it's considered full automation". The ONLY exception to this are Homuculi AI applications, for so long you have not enabled an auto-feed option. The consequence of full automation can vary between a permanent ban of your whole machine, to a temporarily ban of the account(s) involved (depending on the player's personal gains & amount of offenses).
    - Semi Automation (lesser offense) : Semi automation means the usage of any third party tools to gain a game-play advantage. This includes, but not limited to: AutoPotion, AutoHotKey (AHK) and WPE. The result of being caught utilizing semi automation tools can vary between a temporarily ban of your whole machine, to a mute or jail of the character(s) involved (depending on the severity of the case & amount of offenses- repeatable offenses will result in the same penalty as full automation).
  • Do not modify the ReverieRO client; circumventing the anti-cheat Gepard Shield protection in any way or form is forbidden. Instead, we implore you to use our allowed built-in visual modules, such as the !vsync and @lgp commands. Any attempts to use your own resources/modifications, successful or not, will result into penalties inflicted upon your account. This include the use of Grey World/Maps!
  • Keep your account safe; do not share your ID and/or password and choose a strong combination to protect it. When a character/account is caught violating the ReverieRO's rules- it will be punished, regardless of who is operating the account at that time.
  • Do not exploit any automated systems or features ReverieRO offers. Those include, but are not limited to: WoE & BG reward systems, Vote for Points, daily log-in rewards and more.
  • Please report any bug, glitch and/or other faulty mechanic via the appropriate section on the Forum. The ReverieRO staff very much appreciates you taking the time and effort to make our server a better place for everyone! Attention: Exploits that may result into a unintended gain of items and zeny - which should not be publicly revealed - are to be reported discreetly through the support ticket system.

Monetary Rules:

  • Buying and/or selling items, zeny or any other ReverieRO valuables for real monetary values are forbidden. Trading game currency for ReverieRO related commissions (such as art) or services (such as leeching) is allowed but should be done with caution. Please be careful doing so and take screenshots of your trading endeavours, so we're able to provide support if the need arises.
  • ReverieRO is a non-profit charity organization. If you choose to donate, you acknowledge that you are willingly supporting the server through a monetary contribution. You understand that we will use the funds received to help cover the monthly server bills and that we intend to outsource/invest the excess into the development of new, exciting content for our players. As a token of thanks for the contribution, the invoking player(s) will receive donation credits, these are not to be mistaken for an item that you have rightfully purchased. When you donate, you denounce the claim you have to the gifted contribution and therefore, any charge-back done (voluntarily or not) will lead to termination of your account(s).
  • Upon making a donation, you confirm that you are of legal age to do so or have been granted your parent's or guardian's permission.
  • We operate a no refund policy, so please think wisely before you contribute financially; Once a donation has been made, it can not be refunded. There is one exception to this rule! -- Every item bought from the Cash shop that within a 7 days time span of it being purchased by a player becomes the subject of adjustment (and therefore may no longer be desirable), can be traded back for the value of it's worth in donation credits. Bare in mind that these requests are to be submitted through our support ticket system.

A few words regarding the player-staff dynamic:

  • Staff will never ask you for your account credentials and/or any other personal information. If you're ever in doubt whether you're talking to an actual GM or not, ask them to reveal themselves to you. Game Masters have a yellow name and are in the 'ReverieRO Staff' guild. Is this not the case for the individual messaging you? Please report him/her at once through our support ticket system.
  • Do not treat staff as your personal servants. Telling them to hurry up or excessively inquire about ongoing investigations/affairs, may result in you being punished.
  • Do not (repeatedly) disturb staff with trivial inquiries, which could be resolved by asking other players in-game/Discord or by taking a look at the Wiki, Forum, Item Database, or Monster Database.
  • Suggestions will only be considered by the staff if the ideas have been publicly posted in the appropriate section on the Forum. Proposals made through Discord - or anywhere else - shall not be given any attention.
  • Do not ask a staff member for items or zeny. Staff will never give out items or zeny outside of an event situation.
  • Staff is chosen through an application process which every potential applicant will be subjected to before being interviewed by one or more of already established staff. There is no way around that process - if you can't find an application post or form, we're not looking for additional members.
Whenever examples are given above, they're meant to give you an idea of what the individual rule entails. You might be punished for behaviour that violates the rules, even if your offense is not specifically stated within the rule's description.

We - the ReverieRO GMs - reserve the right to add, alter and/or remove rules at any given time, at our descretion.