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ReverieRO: 30/30/30x


ReverieRO is maintained by a group of dedicated, skillful and just professionals that continuously work hard in order to provide our community with a fun, fair and safe Ragnarok Online gaming experience.

The member of the staff fulfill different duties within the team but we all have one thing in common- Each of us strives to meet the high expectations we've set for ourselves and deliver the best of our capabilities!

You can recognize a staff member by their yellow name, by being in the 'ReverieRO Staff' guild as well as their 'Staff' Discord server role. Some of the staff may more evidently stand out through radiating a rare aura.

NOTE: If you are being approached by someone claiming to be a staff member, asking for your account credentials, please do not be fooled! A GM will never ask you for your login information, neither in-game or with a Discord account!

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Admin, Lead (Client/Web) Dev
Admin, Lead (Server) Dev
Game Master, Concept Analyst
Game Master
Game Master