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Title: Snipers/GS in RevRO
Post by: Tempest DuJour on June 04, 2020, 10:47:02 AM
I figured I'd post this at Simone's request to garner some feedback before creating a post in Suggestions.
At the moment, it seems like 2-handed classes seem to be at a disadvantage. Snipers, GS, and various 2 hand builds (I don't think I can include Sinx Katar builds here since there's a lot in their kit that makes up for this). For one, classes that utilize 2-hand weapons maximize their ability to deal damage trading off survivability (no shield). Now, in RevRO, the demi resists one can get by using a shield has been buffed significantly with toad card (40%) resist. 2-handed builds now deal less damage and take more damage in general. I'm curious to see what other 2-handed mains think about this --I've heard from other people that Snipers/GS are more suited for PvM and most of the snipers you see in BG (are lacking gear). I don't have access to their gear but I don't think that can be true for all of the snipers in BG (I've been hit by other snipers in BG and melted). As of right now, being able to defend in Destroy the Crystal with traps has been pretty impactful. In other modes that require straight up fights, most Snipers get melted down (had a team of 3 Snipers and 1 Creo and I think the creo teammate just ran away and avoided getting deaths). Not proposing any changes - just want to hear people's thoughts and ideas on this.
Title: Re: Snipers/GS in RevRO
Post by: Seph1roth5 on June 04, 2020, 07:14:55 PM
GS = gunslinger?  Haven't seen many gs around unless you count leviathans...

As it is, 2-handers were always at a disadvantage.  I like leveling up aspd-style on lord knights or whitesmiths, but if you want to kill players or mvps or anything, it was always about skills.

I have a friend whose lv 150 LK can tank decently with parrying, but he's never going to out-mvp most other dps.

So I guess...I wouldn't mind seeing some 2-handed love I guess.  As to what that would be uh...could be a lot of stuff.  If it's just to balance out toad card...maybe something equivalent.
Title: Re: Snipers/GS in RevRO
Post by: Lavenblade on June 04, 2020, 07:29:22 PM
Don't forget that you can swap to Shield + CK to avoid being completely melted if shit is going south. Snipers really need support to be effective in Battlegrounds. They're not nearly as effective without a proper party backing them.

2h LK's have a big enough HP pool that they can swap to a shield just fine. Plus they also have parry.

Mechanically speaking, a big part of RO is knowing when and what to swap to.
Title: Re: Snipers/GS in RevRO
Post by: Physicx on June 04, 2020, 08:10:43 PM
If you play sniper right there should be no issue. Just like Sinx as well. Utilization of your tools should allow you to hit like a truck and avoid damage. If you're front lining as a sniper without swaps you're probably doing something wrong. If you're talking about BG, sometimes its just unlucky the teams you get put on is all

On the other hand maybe GS is something to take into account since they're horrifyingly underwhelming here. Not only are they double handed so they die rather quickly, they need to get up close and personal to be really deadly which isn't easy to do even if you are swapping correctly. Mostly because they're stuck with using low tier universal gear. These are just kinda my thoughts about extended classes in general, I'm not particularly suggesting any change at this point.
Title: Re: Snipers/GS in RevRO
Post by: Buliel on July 03, 2020, 03:20:04 PM
Snipers in PvP aren't big damage dealers. That's really to be expected. In fact, snipers are more effective at annoying the opponents (actually good at annoying them with the right bow/cards/arrows) than killing them. That's why we saw them spam arrow shower in WoE with status effects (such as stone curse and coma from LOD card).

They have no burst potential, and so are unlikely to kill much on their own.