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Maybe it could be shoved in the 'Special Services' NPC @ mid-left of Prontera?
Anyways. Simple as it sounds, being able to set through an NPC the autoloot rate or the aloottype that way you don't have to set it every time you login would be tight.

No biggie if that's not something everyone is down for tho.

Player Guides / ROTD Leveling Guide
« on: February 02, 2020, 03:10:29 AM »
Click the Race that is currently the 'Race of the Day' to be taken to that Races monster info!

So this guide is simple!
1.) Click a linked race from above;
2.) Click the spoiler tag to reveal all monsters of that race;
3.) Find which mob you feel you can take on
4.) ??
5.) Profit (Max level)

The monsters in each Race section are in order from easiest to hardest, and I tried to get the EXP in order as well.
Generally though, when you can handle the next monster(s)-- Train on it and continue forward.
NOTE: If at any point you feel none of the monsters work and you have found one that does work better. PLEASE post in this thread so I can add it and lemme that it works for 'x' type of class. (All, ranged, melee, magic, etcetera.)
When a monster under the current ROTD is killed, the EXP gained is as follows.
Experience Gained Base:x (xx.xx%) Job:x (xx.xx%)
Experience Gained Base:x (xx.xx%) Job:0 (00.00%)
Experience Gained Base:0 (00.00%) Job:x (xx.xx%)
[RotD Bonus] : xx EXP

So it actually breaks down as three instead of two. The first line is the mob EXP before ROTD. The second is only the Job EXP and the third is only the Base EXP. Which comes out to the normal EXP plus x percent of that mobs EXP.
NOTE: Everyday the bonus EXP changes and is different. So one day it could be 50% and the next could be an 18% bonus.
ROTD Bonus of 50% looks like :: 600+(50%EXP of 600) --> 600+(300) --> 900 EXP total
ROTD Bonus of 18% looks like :: 600+(18%EXP of 600) --> 600+(108) --> 708 EXP total

[-] Fix EXP rates
[-] Add custom mobs
[-] Extend to 150 leveling

I had this guide sitting in my drive... Made it foevah ago. I love ROTD <3

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