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Thank you for your beautiful submissions! Love the creativity of all 3 images.

The winners have been announced in the first post!  ;)

Resolved Reports / Re: Krieg Dagger wrong description Item Bug
« on: August 10, 2020, 03:48:27 AM »
Thank you for the report. Moving to resolved. ~

We are back ONLINE!

Don't forget to patch, patch, patch!


1. End of Summer Event

As stated in the previous maintenance post, as well as through multiple Discord and in-game announcements, the Summer Festival components have been removed-- The Summer Ticket Shop is no longer available and the Exploding Melons event and Fishing have been disabled.

The players that, despite the reminders of the shop disappearing found themselves with excess Summer Festival Tickets, have (as warned) unfortunately no more way to spend them on. The tickets will not lose their value entirely however, they will be brought back during summer next year so when that time comes you have use for them again!

2. Download Size Reduced

After receiving multiple complaints from (specifically) Facebook users wanting to try out the server but informed us that the size of our (both PC and mobile) download was way too heavy, the team has compiled a new client that carries only 2.57GB (previously 4.85) in resources within, which is an immense improvement. Needless to say, no necessary files have been taken out; only the dispensable ones.

For current players, if you've already downloaded the updated client from last week, this thankfully doesn't mean anything. If you have no problems with your current ReverieRO client, you can proceed to use it without trouble. ;)

To the players that will have to re-download: Please make sure you install the files in a new, clean directory! Do not merge it with your old ReverieRO files, because that is likely to result in even more errors!

3. AndRO Update

With a new full download available, we believed it in the server's best interest to purchase a version update of the mobile ReverieRO client - containing a lot of improvements - as well.   We recommend everyone to uninstall the old (271) version in order to upgrade to the new (279) one, if you haven't.  Other than the size reduction (which also applies to the PC client as stated above) the mobile upgrade is specifically interesting to players that were previously unable to start the app due to android version restrictions. Previously 7.0 was required, now it should be 5.0.

If you'd like to see what has been changed, please scroll down to the bottom of the patch notes and a relevant list will be available for you to see. If for some reason you still cannot get our mobile client to work, kindly refer to the troubleshooting part in the Download/Installation Wiki article.

Features & Highlights

1. Earth Dungeon

Somewhere in the depths of Payon forest remains a secluded portal. Lonely and unexplored.  It is said that travelers have walked past it on occasion, but none of them have dared going through, for whatever territory lies beyond has for some reason been erased from all maps in Rune Midgard.

Why would that be? More dangers and threats, maphaps? You're going to have to find out. 

We bring you, the first episode of the Droynung map expansion. A brand new territory containing an exclusive elemental dungeon that, similarly to the Wind Dominion and Water Realm, focuses on a specific property. This time, the Earth element.  New monsters, cards and equipment await you within. ~

While the stalactite cavern currently only contains one floor, it has a instance and further expansion pending implementation in the near future. 

One floor be it as it may, there is a catch! The dungeon has got a specific mechanic applied, resulting that advancing to the next section of the map (which contains different monsters than the section before) is not as easy as it normally is with dungeons. So be prepared, and with party! You'll be facing time limitations, unexpected monster spawns, ground quakes and some restrictions, such as not having the ability to teleport.

In order to be granted access to the stalactite cavern, speak to Dagny, located at Droynung 209 287. It takes a small quest, but nothing that requires to be done outside of Droynung city.

The level requirement to enter the Stalactite Cavern is 120. The portal to the city of Droynung itself has no level requirement.

2. WoE Participation & Castle Rotation

As of lately, the WoE reward system has become the subject of a rising concern. Guilds have been spotted hanging out in the castle's spawn point, hoarding stars while doing nothing but chat with one another instead of having a competitive siege.

When we approached a few players and asked why they don't rather fight one another, the recurring answer we received was that fighting over a castle is currently not worth it, but standing in it doing nothing is, which is problematic as we hope you might understand.

Now, before stating the changes, allow us to press that the system was originally developed to encourage WoE participation as well as competition. Let's see if we can accomplish the latter by having done the following:
  • The reward for the castle claiming guild has been increased; rather than 5 Midgard Coins, 5 Siege Stars and 5 Battle Badge, it now gives 10 Midgard Coins, 25 Battle Badges and 50 Siege Stars.
  • Treasury content of the active castles have been improved:
          - Treasure Chest #1346 (Payon 2) - Removed Bucker [1] & 3Carat Diamond, Added Enriched Oridecon & Enriched Elunium (both 1%).
          - Treasure Chest #1347 (Payon 2) - Removed Sputrum of Bird, Added Leap of Fantasy (2%) & Midgard Coin (5%).
          - Treasure Chest #1942 (Schwaltzvalt 5) - Removed Andvari's Ring, Added Removal Coupon (3%) & Crown [1] (1%). Replaced regular Oridecon and Elunium with Enriched ores (0.5%).
  • The Zeny reward per minute of participation has been reduced from 100k to 25k.
  • The required stars for items in the Siege Shop have been increased. (Long overdue; the recent prices were still based on 1 session per week).
In case you're wondering why you see Payon 2 up there, Skoegul castle (Prontera 4) has been switched for Scarlet Palace (Payon 2).  Also note that the sessions of Scarlet Palace and Skidbladnir have been swapped, meaning from now on Skidbladnir commences on Saturday whereas Scarlet Palace commences on Wednesday. The times of the sessions remain unaltered for the time being.

3. More Garment Costumes

From this day forward, ReverieRO will be presenting the players with what we'll refer to as Legacy Garment Costumes.

Some of you may know, we have approximately 80 visual garments in our server's resources (including the custom wings that we've invested in a while ago), but only a dozen types available in-game right now. We thought this to be a shame and figured that, perhaps, Garment Costumes should be added to the Cash Shop's rotational costume options. And so it shall be done.

But mind you- things with Garment Costumes will be slightly different; They are enchantable so they will be more costly than the non-enchantable Top, Middle and Bottom Headgear Costumes. Furthermore, rotations for this costume category will only happen once every month instead of once every two weeks, and additionally to further boost their value and do justice to the 'legacy' part of the title, they won't be available though costume boxes.

Lastly, in order to preserve exclusivity-- Siege Star (WoE reward) Garment Costumes will remain strictly reserved as WoE participation prize and shall never become available as Cash Shop costumes.

4. Basic Mall

Another beautiful addition to the high-lights section is that we have implemented a centralized mall with basic equipment, where one can purchase common weaponry and armory that'll help them battle higher level monsters.

Normally, these equips are already available but more spread out in the different cities through the world of Rune Midgard, now, they are easily accessible by simply typing @go mall, or by walking inside the building near the Ammunition NPC. Hopefully this will make advancing a bit less frustrating for new players... ;)

Cash Shop Updates

The 'Infinite Pet Incubator' and 'Shiny Silver Brush' items are currently on sale. In exchange, the prices of the items of sale last week have been reverted.

You can preview the costumes at the 'Costume Preview Service' in Prontera before purchasing any!

The costumes for the coming two weeks are...

Remember, Garment Costumes can not be
previewed  through the Previewer. So, here is
how Phoenix Wings look like!

Patch Notes 09-08-2020:

   • [Removed] ReverieRO's six month anniversary event components.
   • [Removed] Summer event components.
   • [Removed] Prontera's default (north-east) weapon dealers building/area, due to:
   • [Added] A centralized mall with basic equipment, accessible north-east through the Prontera building and also by typing @go mall.
   • [Added] A training Dummy NPC, available underneath Prontera's character services building (parallel to the swimming pool).
   • [Added] Training Dummy & Mall location in the Server Guide NPC.
   • [Added] Earth Dungeon territory components. A wiki article for it is available, but currently not providing much information (yet). Item and mob database images will be updated soon, too.
   • [Added] Stalactite Cavern monster cards to the @cards command.
   • [Added] A bunch of (50+) headgear costumes.
   • [Added] A bunch of (30+) garment costumes.
   • [Added] Scarlet Palace (Payon 2) now records kills in the PvP ranker/ladder.
   • [Changed] Moved 'Young Man' NPC in Prontera higher up, away from the Dummy NPC.
   • [Changed] Several aspects related to WoE participation & it's respective reward system (see above).
   • [Changed] Guild Castle Treasure Chests have been subject to changes (see above).
   • [Changed] Reduced size of downloads (see above).
   • [Changed] Android version upgrade (change log below).
   • [Changed] Updated the Cash Shop & Costume Preview IDs.
   • [Changed] Updated the Cash Shop sale list.
   • [Changed] Attack Speed of Doppelganger Card has been increased to 20% (previously 10%).
   • [Fixed] Incorrect weight display in Starters Pack (100 -> 1).
   • [Fixed] Krieg Dagger's incorrect weapon level display (3 -> 2).

Android Change Log 09-08-2020:

   • [Fixed] Skill TK_JUMPKICK not working.
   • [Fixed] BGM looping.
   • [Fixed] Silent quit/exit instead of providing the user with an error when failing to download the client due to the lack of space.
   • [Fixed] Damage numbers being displayed in WoE and BG.
   • [Fixed] Fixed a dozen of other core issues, not likely to be noticeable by the players.
   • [Changed] [Experimental] Lowered the minimum required Android version from 7.0 to 5.0.

And that marks the maintenance of today! The Earth Dungeon consumed a lot of time the previous months, resulting in the player bug reports and suggestions to pile up more than we'd initially like. So for the coming period, we'll try to sweep through those a bit. ~

We hope you are happy with the changes and additions and look forward to future maintenances delivered to you by your staff. ♥

Remember to stay safe and sound. Wash your hands frequently and take no unnecessary risks! We're here for you, would you need for anything.


- rRO Staff

How have we been doing? Like what you see?
You can support us!

Implemented / Re: Market - Universal Arms Dealer
« on: August 08, 2020, 05:13:10 AM »
Hello. Thank you for the suggestion! Agreed and can't see any reason why not to do this.

Pending for tomorrow. ~

Submissions closed & winners announced!

The first prize goes to Prayce and the second prize goes to Wulf! Congratulations!

The winners may DM me privately through either the forums or Discord (Simone#7008) in order to receive their reward.  Kindly include your in-game name and the Upper, Middle or Bottom costume headgear of your choice!

Hey there! It's event time!

We hope you've all been enjoying the anniversary so far! But we're not quite there yet.  ReverieRO is in need of some brand-new loading screens! And who better to reach out to and count on than the expertise and skill set of our very own community? 

Yes, you! Are you ready to let your creativity flow? ~ ;)

       Rules & Conditions
  • All designs must be digitally created or hand-drawn. Please note that we expect hand-drawn art to be digitally edited afterward in order to meet the general loading screen standards.
  • All artwork must be .jpg format and 1024x768 pixels.
  • All artwork must be 100% original and made for ReverieRO exclusively. Any stolen work/copyright violations of someone else’s art will be disqualified.
  • All artwork must include the ReverieRO logo (Attn: recoloring, adding shadings, glows or strokes is allowed).
  • All participants are permitted three entries max.
  • A participant can only win once, even if multiple entries are submitted.
  • Signatures are allowed but only if it is subtly incorporated in your art.
  • The eventual winners give ReverieRO permission to use their submissions for promotions, advertisements and other ReverieRO related campaigns.

  • Submissions will no longer be accepted after August 30th, 2020.
  • Winners will be revealed and the reward will be sent on September 1st, 2020.

  • The #1 winner will receive:
       1x Upper, Middle or Bottom costume headgear of choice. *
       15x Midgard Coins
       250x Event Points (equals to $25 donation credits).
  • The #2 winner will receive:
       1x Upper, Middle or Bottom costume headgear of choice. *
       10x Midgard Coins
       150x Event Points (equals to $15 donation credits).
  • The #3 winner will receive:
       1x Upper, Middle or Bottom costume headgear of choice. *
       5x Midgard Coins
       50x Event Points (equals to $5 donation credits).

* The costume requested must already be implemented in our item database.

And that's it.  Post your entries in this thread.  Judging will be focused on creativity, overall aesthetic of the image, and ability to catch the ReverieRO's atmosphere and style. 

While there is no specific theme and we welcome all sorts of submissions, we would really like to see some entries promoting our custom content, such as the Water Realm, the Wind Dominion and Endless Cellar.

Good luck, everyone!

News & Updates / Happy 6 Months Anniversary, ReverieRO!
« on: August 01, 2020, 04:23:44 AM »

Hello everyone! I hope this message finds you and all those dear to you in good health! ♥

 When I checked out the calendar last week, I could hardly believe it, August was approaching which would soon mean ReverieRO has been up and running for 6 months already. Who would have thought? It felt like it was only yesterday when we launched the server. February 1st, I remember it fondly. Boy, time has certainly flown by. And now here we are, half a year later...

How much has happened since then, though. Both in the real world, as well as in the server.  Some of you may have been among us since the very beginning, whereas others might have joined slightly (or much) later. We've seen countless players come and go. Witnessed staff join and resign. Watched long lost friends reconnect, etc.   Certainly, there have been challenges, mistakes and obstacles. Which we fully acknowledge, for there is no success without failure. And that is okay, because the unrelenting support we've received from our community has made it all worth the while.  Know that we appreciate you so much. What we have accomplished would not have been possible if it weren't for you, our valuable players. 

We believe that, even in the midst of the pandemic outbreak we have regretfully found ourselves in, we should not cruelly deny ourselves the delights of celebrating hope and prosperity. So...

In celebration of ReverieRO's 6 months anniversary, we decided to gift you something special. ~
  • The Base & Job EXP rates have been increased to 60x until August 9th, effective immediately.
  • Each player shall get a gift box from the team when they log in, containing an exclusive surprise.

Please be informed of the following....
  • You must run the ReverieRO Patcher and re-login in order to avoid seeing an unknown item as gift. If it says patch process completed, you've already downloaded the necessary patch.
  • The gift box can only be claimed once per unique ID and - as stated above - will be given directly when you re-login. In the event you log in with your vendor (or another alt) after having obtained the gift box, make sure you transfer it to your main account. One of the items within is account bound, and you don't want it stuck on the wrong account and then having to pay a credit fee for an item transfer service request.
  • Players only have one week in order to claim the reward. The anniversary reward distribution will be removed during the upcoming maintenance (which is scheduled for next weekend), so don't miss out and get it while you can!

Screenshot of Launch Day (February 1st, 2020): ShowHide

Stay safe everyone, and have fun playing ReverieRO!


- rRO Staff

P.s - On an unrelated note, remember the Summer Ticket Trader will be taken out during the upcoming maintenance, which is scheduled for next weekend. Please spend your Summer Festival Tickets before then!

Implemented / Re: Punching Bag/Dummy
« on: July 30, 2020, 02:11:23 AM »
The development of the system proposed has been set in motion. At this stage, we're testing and polishing it, but should be ready for implementation within hopefully the upcoming maintenance, or the one after.

Moving to pending. ~

Pending / Re: Elite Monster
« on: July 30, 2020, 02:07:34 AM »
Hello! Thank you for the suggestion.

A system very similar to this has been discussed among the staff a while ago and everyone seemed taken by the idea. So, we'll move it to pending, just a fair note; seeing how much work we currently have piled up, don't expect this to happen any time soon. In advance, I thank you for your patience. :)

Implemented / Re: Item Balancing (Doppelganger Card)
« on: July 30, 2020, 02:03:54 AM »
The majority of the staff members seem to be in favor, so we'll be moving this to pending. ~

Suggestions & Ideas / Re: Item Balance (1 & 2-handed rods)
« on: July 27, 2020, 09:41:14 AM »
Thanks for the feedback so far, everyone! We're diligently keeping track of all your feedback.

Part of the problem, also, is that cards like fabre don't really scale that well at higher levels. Fabre in particular could really benefit from a %-based HP boost, and maybe an additional HP regen effect to make it a very viable consideration for tanky casters (priest, professor, soul linker, for example)

Yes, it may. However, let's stay away from boosting even more lower level cards. As OT mentioned, the way we designed Drops for example renders higher tier cards and gear effectively useless for casters, which results in the fact that we now have to bring those back to their desired value by buffing them individually. Customizing even more lower level cards would just make matters worse and require additional re-scaling in the long run. ;)

Invalid Reports / Re: Lunar Protection
« on: July 27, 2020, 08:29:58 AM »
Glad to hear you managed to find the issue on your own! ;)

Moving to Invalid. ~

Invalid Reports / Re: cant log in Other
« on: July 27, 2020, 08:28:38 AM »
Hello there!

What precisely do you mean with 'can't log in'? What part are you stuck at? Did you run the ReverieRO patcher and does the Gepard Shield anti-cheat load successfully?

Please provide us a bit more details, as well as screenshots, so we will be able to assist properly!

Thank you.

Invalid Reports / Re: Straight Wedding won't proceed Other
« on: July 26, 2020, 04:54:51 AM »
One month has passed and no one seems to have been able to confirm this report. For that reason, I'll be moving it to invalid.

Please open a new topic if you experience the problem again in the future.

Invalid Reports / Re: Re-naming Hermit Plant Pet Item Bug
« on: July 26, 2020, 04:51:29 AM »
Hello! None of the pets can be renamed, which is intended. 

As for the second part of your report, the team of testers and GMs have been trying to replicate this but to no avail. Pet names are showing correctly for each of us.

Perhaps it was just a visual glitch that was resolved by re-logging? Please provide a screenshot so we can further investigate. :)

Moving to Resolved. ~

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