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+1 because why not

Implemented / Re: Market - Universal Arms Dealer
« on: August 07, 2020, 08:48:35 AM »
+1, as what Physicx said.

Suggestions & Ideas / Re: Grand Cross (Repost)
« on: August 07, 2020, 08:48:05 AM »
+1 to this suggestion, it won't hurt since we were able to modify Priest's ME, so it wouldn't really hurt to give love to our Paladins.

You can consider +2 from me since I'm dragging Saber into this without his consent and he has no choice but to say yes. I mean he saw this thread anyways.

Suggestions & Ideas / Re: Guild Dungeon Changes
« on: July 28, 2020, 03:03:21 AM »
For guilds who own castles, you're open to get inside the guild dungeon (not the happy hour one) and teleport and bring your alt on multi client and walk around safe and teleport on your heart's content without worrying anything since its a guild owned castle.

Normally, at this rate, if you would go to a guild dungeon happy hour event, I assume or believe most likely that no one will kill you since everyone would be just farming stuff along.

It would be nice to be able to spawn at the entrance and just farm to your maximum limit.

Implemented / Re: Buffs to Abandoned Sanctum
« on: July 22, 2020, 07:12:52 AM »
I guess having an additional boost to 50% instead of the original 25% would do since we have to walk around a bit more to get some mobs to kill.

Suggestions & Ideas / Re: Item Balance (1 & 2-handed rods)
« on: July 21, 2020, 08:52:55 AM »
I would had to admit that I got used to having a quad Drops Rod that is being swapped to my acolyte/mage class characters and its just really....convenient. But at the same time while owning a +9 LBW felt like, why I should use this if I have a powerful Drops Rod.

The suggestion of adding additional bonuses is also a good idea for it to promote the usage of any staff/rods out there.

Implemented / Re: Buffs to Abandoned Sanctum
« on: July 21, 2020, 08:50:49 AM »
Yeah, maybe we can add like more mobs tho. This is also another alternative to Angel/Demon ROTD.

Suggestions & Ideas / Re: Stackable rings
« on: July 21, 2020, 08:50:05 AM »
Would definitely +1 this.

Player Guides / Re: Rinsanity's Leveling Guide
« on: July 21, 2020, 08:31:42 AM »
Nice guide, although I might suggest having a slightly different guide for ranged mages/archers.  Geographer love!
Thank you~
Oh no, I forgot the existence of those mobs. It should had been there on the first two parts at least.

Originally, planning to do that but I don't have full experience on leveling those classes, either, mages/archer can just camp Moscovia til level 80, we're on 30x (35x during weekend) doesn't seem bad at all to stay there. You won't lose much exp for soloing and being alone tho, that's what important than just to die 100x and you just killed 20x of them.

Then they can jump to Dewata Field, Firewall or Quagmire + Firebolt/Meteor Storm for the ones weak to fire and the one weak to water can be just dealt with Frost Driver + Jupitel Thunder.

Player Guides / Rinsanity's Leveling Guide
« on: July 20, 2020, 08:40:29 AM »
R E M I N D E R: This is a work in progress. Shall there be missing details, please do come back another day as this is being worked on and this is a developing post/article.

Hi there! Thank you for viewing and taking your time to read this guide.
I know why you're here. You're struggling to level and especially that there are really times that there's no leveling parties.
This guide is not the best out there, but this should be sufficient enough even if you're just starting out at the server.
Should you have questions, please feel free to reply here or send me a private message if you're shy to reply in public.

ReverieRO might be a mid rate server, but it is not meant to level up to 99/70 or 150/70 in 100 kills.
Mid rates are played with faster not the fastest ways to level or grind up for gears.
If you don't have patience/tolerance from few hours of grinding, please stop reading this guide and believe in your own ways to level.
This is for people who wants to level up the most convenient way especially for starters.

ReverieRO allows cross-trans, which means you can level up as an Acolyte, then change to Priest and rebirth as a High Swordsman and finally become a Lord Knight.
Would that make your life easier? Because it sure did help us along the way and it will always remain the same.
Learned it the hard way that you can do that when I was already close to maxing out my first ever character in this server.
Priest's Magnus Exorcismus can hit everything except Holy element.

You can do Nori Quests first until you hit second job! It should be easy and fast as 1, 2, 3!
Do it because it gives you Mercenary Scrolls, Field Manuals (25%, 50%, 100%), Light Potions (Red/Yellow/Orange/White/Blue), Grape Juice.
Those aren't useless stuff as the scrolls can help you kill monsters (on a certain mercenary scroll level), give you more exp with the manuals, potion up yourself to last longer in dungeons/fields.
And, one of the most wanted garment here requires an item that is only available from the Nori Quests.

General Leveling Guide
This guide applies to all levels regardless of the class you choose to play.
Your only way out is by finding out what element they weak at and you can kill them faster regardless of having gear/no gear.

Levels 10-40:

Payon Dungeon 1: Skeleton, Zombie, Familiar (Weakness: Holy Element)
  • Basic and best spot for beginners, put @autoloot 100 and sell those loots after for beginner's zeny.
  • If you're starting off and planning to play Champion, you can save those Mace [4] and the Phracon, and try to refine them to +10 for your best starting gear.
Payon Dungeon 2: Archer Skeleton, Soldier Skeleton, Drainliar (Weakness: Holy Element)
  • Basic and best spot for beginners, put @autoloot 100 and sell those loots after for beginner's zeny.
  • Drainliar card is a good one, you can put it on a wind bow(or any slotted wind element weapon or any weapon) to increase your damage to water element by 20% or sell it to players for 2-3m zeny.
  • Apple of Archer would be a good starting item as well for an additional DEX+3.
  • Archer Skeleton Card would be useful for any bow user as it would increase your ranged attack damage to +10%
Orc Dungeon 1: Orc Zombie, Orc Skeleton, Familiar (Weakness: Holy Element)
  • Alternative to Payon Dungeon.
  • Orc Skeleton Card is a good one, you can put it on a your weapon to increase your damage to holy element by 20%.
  • Orc Zombie Card could be useful as you can have 30% resistance against undead property attacks since you will have to rebirth and kill again and you can also just use it to level up your alts. Just put it in a Hood [1] not to use any removal coupons later on.
Payon Field 02: Wolf, Boa(Snake) (Weakness: Fire)
  • Common spot. Best spot to farm Strawberries as your SP potion.
  • Boa won't give as much as exp as Wolf, but you can try your luck in getting a Snake Head Hat that is dropped at 0.10%
Geffen Field 10: Orc Warrior, Orc Lady (Weakness: Fire)
  • Unusual and not a safe one because of Orc Lord (unless he's dead).
  • Ideally this could be a spot for non elemental users as they don't have much HP and they give similar exp to the ones mentioned above.

Toy Factory 1: Christmas Cookie, Cookie(Weakness: Shadow/Neutral)
  • Common and much of a better spot for non-elemental users.
  • Mobs has low HP but is also the best spot to zeny farm until whenever you feel like it.
  • Christmas Cookie card is nice since it gives additional EXP when you kill Angel race monsters and getting a Sandals [1] would be a good equipment to put that card with.
  • Hood [1] would be nice to put garment cards that does race damage deduction that could help you out while leveling especially for those non-ranged class.

Levels 40-70:

Moscovia Dungeon 1: Les, Mantis, Wood Goblin (Weakness: Fire)
  • Common leveling spot especially for people who has Fire element with them. Your first target would be Les since they're not aggro but kill it as fast as you could to avoid from being mobbed by them.
  • Les drops Aloe Leaflet which can serve as a good HP potion for you and the Blue Herbs can be sold to players.
  • Wood Goblin can be killed if you have a high amount of DEX or mages can normally kill them easily with a good amount of INT and DEX.
  • Mantis will aggro you but his card is really good.

Amatsu Dungeon 1: Firelock Soldier (Weakness: Holy)

  • This spot is normally good for ranged classes and Acolytes.
  • Would be nice to get an Apple of Archer here if you failed to get them from leveling at Archer Skeletons.
  • Firelock Soldier Card is a good one especially if you need STR+2.

Toy Factory 2: Myst Case, Cruiser (Weakness: Neutral)

  • Common leveling and zeny farming spot. Mobs are neutral so you don't need an elemental damage to survive here.
  • If you see the MVP and can't kill it, just teleport.
  • Myst Cases would give you good loots that will help you get your beginner's zeny.
  • Myst Card Card would be a nice drop from this place.

Louyang Field 01: Mi Gao, Mantis (Weakness: Fire)

  • Normally this is a common spot for Archers. Mages could do well here with Firewall + Firebolt technique.
  • Mantis will aggro you and his card is a good drop too.
  • Mi Gaos would give you good EXP and lucky enough if you get a gold drop along the way too. You can sell it to NPC or keep it since its a material for some quests.
  • Would be nice to get a Caramel Card as it increases your damage to Insect Monsters by 20%

Glast Heim St. Abbey: Evil Druid, Wraith, Mimic (Weakness: Holy)

  • Best spot for ranged classes and acolytes.
  • Evil Druid drops White Herbs that can be used for White Dyestuffs or be sold to players. Getting his card would be a good one since its a must for all players but not equipping them to ET on accident.
  • Would be nice to get an Evil Bone Wand with a random option of Healing +2% for beginner acolytes.
  • Either of the mobs give good drops here that can be also a source for your beginner zeny.

Glast Heim Prison: Zombie Prisoner, Injustice, Rybio (Weakness: Holy/Neutral)

  • Common leveling spot.
  • Acolytes/Priests can focus on heal bombing Zombie Prisoners and just teleport do the same process.
  • Somehow if you got an Orc Zombie Card and any unwanted slotted garment, you can use it to help you get reduced damage from Undead property.
  • If you get a Zombie Prisoner Card, equip it with unwanted shoes to give you bonus 20% exp from killing Undead race mobs.
  • Rybios are neutral. If you kill them, you can keep Necklace of Oblivion as you can use it for the Bradium Quests.

Levels 71-85:
Remember, starting from this level until 99, its going to be hard. Not as very hard as what you think, but it is not as fast as you think. There's going to be grind especially if you're playing alone. This guide is about giving convenient spots for playing solo/new players who needs help.

Glast Heim Prison: Zombie Prisoner, Injustice, Rybio (Weakness: Holy/Neutral)

  • Good until level 85.

Louyang Field 01: Mi Gao, Mantis (Weakness: Fire)

  • Good until level 70-80.

Moscovia Dungeon 1: Les, Mantis, Wood Goblin (Weakness: Fire)

  • Good until level 70-80.

Brasilis Dungeon 1 or 2: Piranha, Iaras (Weakness: Wind)

  • Unusual but good zeny farming spot. There's no nerf for the drops that makes it much better.
  • If you got a Drainliar card, this is the best time for you to use it and have it equipped on your weapon.
  • Wizards can kill Iaras instead on a safe spot with Jupitel Thunder.
  • Try to randomly kill Kukres and you might get a Kukre Card that gives +10% ASPD.
  • Try to randomly kill Hydras and you might get a Hydra Card.

Rachel Sanctuary: Vanberk, Isilla, Beholder, Hodremlin (Weakness: Neutral/Holy)

  • Common leveling spot, mobs are mainly neutral except for Hodremlin.
  • Vanberk and Isilla drops Beret which can be used to make Feather Beret, Red Beret and Blue Beret. You can vend them to players for 200-300k zeny ea.
  • Vanberk Card is STR+2, Isilla Card is INT+2. Not bad for any starting cards on basic gears til you get better ones like Hopper Card (server custom).
  • They drop Gold Rings which are also good for additional zeny farm.
  • The Beholder drops Prickly Fruit, those are needed to make INT+10 stat food, you can sell them to the player/s who are making it or just give it to them. Up to you.
  • Hodremlin is the one that is weak to holy. Isilla and Vanberk are neutral so you're good to use any neutral arrows on them. Beholder is not aggro so no need to worry about him.
  • Assassins can level here alone by using Grimtooth.

Levels 86-99:

Rachel Sanctuary:Vanberk, Isilla, Beholder, Hodremlin (Weakness: Neutral/Holy)

  • Good until level 99.

Sphinx F4: Anubis, Pasana, Minorous (Weakness: Holy, Water)

  • Always a common leveling spot. Anubis is weak to Holy. Pasana and Minorous is weak to water.
  • If you don't mind walking going to floor 4, this should be fine. Or you can take the Sphinx Quest from the Daily Quest NPC in Prontera and it will warp you to level 5 and just teleport/walk back to floor 4.
  • Anubis is also good since the Daily Quest involves of killing 120 of them.
  • Pasana's drops are good especially his card. We do have some demand for that one unless players have a slotted fire armor.
  • Minorous Card would be helpful for additional damage to Large mobs and gives ATK+5.

Dewata Field: Alnoldi, Argiope, Cendrawasih (Weakness: Fire/Water)

  • Best and safe leveling spot.
  • The birds (Cendrawasih) are weak to water, the rest (Alnoldi and Argiope) are weak to fire.
  • 3-4 mobs here is equivalent to 1 Anubis/Kasa/Scaraba EXP and yet this map doesn't hurt like nuts.
  • It may not be as fast as your old school usual spot Sphinx or Thors, but rest assured that this spot is amazing.
  • If you get many cards from this map, you can simply exchange them to the Card Exchanger in Prontera.
  • The Aloe Hinalle/Leaflet can be used as your next HP recovery item while you can't afford better ones.
  • Cendrawasih drops Soft Feather which can be used for headgear quests.

Levels 86-99 with a Party and Race of the Day (ROTD)

Discastes Dungeon 1:Scaraba (Weakness: Fire)

  • Best for Insect ROTD
  • All mobs are weak to fire.

Abandoned Sanctum: (Weakness: Holy/Ghost)

  • Best for Angel/Demon ROTD
  • Half of the mobs are weak to holy and ghost.
  • Abandoned Sanctum is a server custom. For more details, click here

Cursed Abbey: (Weakness: Holy)

  • Best for Demon/Undead ROTD
  • All mobs are weak to holy.

Thor Volcano 1: (Weakness: Water)

  • Best for Formless ROTD
  • All mobs are weak to water

Once again, thank you for reading this guide. I hope this helped you out to level up in the most convenient way without losing too much exp since that it the guide's purpose.
Should you find another convenient spot that I have not discussed over, you're more than open to reply and let me check it on my own too.

Pending / Re: Elite Monster
« on: July 05, 2020, 11:05:25 AM »
This feature sounds familiar, its a renewal feature like those Stapo Ringleader and etc. I think its kinda fine to have them here since we're customized at a point. And it would be nice to drop a random midgard coin too.

Suggestions & Ideas / Re: Daily Quest(Lost Puppies) improvement
« on: July 05, 2020, 11:04:22 AM »
Hi~ before we weigh in some thoughts on this, have you checked and tried the Nori quest? And as well as the Daily Quest NPC in Prontera?

Wiki article in reference:

Suggestions & Ideas / Re: Ghostring Card
« on: June 27, 2020, 08:49:31 AM »
+1 it would be useful for anything PvM related!

Implemented / Re: Rotating WoE Castles.
« on: June 27, 2020, 08:49:10 AM »
I would have to +1 this as it would be nice if we can get a chance to experience all castles at a point.

Suggestions & Ideas / Auto Feeding option for homun
« on: June 27, 2020, 08:48:23 AM »
Type of Suggestion:

Suggestion Details:
Since we have lowkey renewal features lying around on the server, maybe we could consider the option of having an auto feed option for the homun just as long as they have the item in their inventory. This would be a big convenience for Alchemist/Creator classes. Unless, this is what the client cannot handle though.

How this suggestion would benefit ReverieRO:
Considering that the homun intimacy isn't that high enough and sometimes we forget to feed our homuns or randomly fall asleep while afking in game, this would be beneficial.

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