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Art of WoE???
« on: April 26, 2020, 09:52:34 AM »
You have refined your gear, farmed your cards, and gathered your allies.

WoE is coming... But is that all?

Only the strong can conquer not only the castle, but also... -THE LOGIN SCREEN! Participate in battle my friends, the "Art of WoE" draws near. The winning guild will transcend their moment of victory onto the ReverieRO login screen to commemorate the very first WoE of the server. At the end of WoE on May 2nd, the guild that occupies the Prontera castle: Skoegul will be drawn by yours truly. It will be on display from after the day of WoE to the next patch/maintenance period.

HOWEVER... The guild leader and his/her choice of two loyal guild members are eligible. The guild leader will be contacted for more details regarding the piece through in-game PM, Discord, or forum PM. Please keep your communication open.

[Art of WoE Commandments]

I. Thou shalt not request NSFW, derogatory/offensive content.

II. Thou shalt not sell or claim the piece as thy own.

III. Thou must make neat and clear request details pertaining to thy RO character.

IV. Thou shalt never alter the piece or remove any watermarks/signatures without the artist's consent.

Excellence is expressed through art; art exists within excellence... To be continued.

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