Author Topic: Excuse The Mess - Random Option & RE Gear Update.  (Read 177 times)


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Excuse The Mess - Random Option & RE Gear Update.
« on: April 28, 2020, 05:22:09 PM »
Hello everyone!

What can I say? What a day... trying to keep this short and to the point, as Jira and I have been working practically around the clock in order to resolve the issues reported in regard to the Random Item Option release. More specifically, the stats that were deemed to high and made other (hard to obtain) pieces of equipment lose a lot of value, as well as the concerns of some monsters dropping RE equipment.

First things first...

We have reduced the random item option stat bonuses to the following:
  • +2 AGI/STR/DEX/VIT/INT/LUK -> Now +1
  • +4% HP -> Now +3%
  • +3 DEF -> Now +2
  • +20 FLEE -> Now +10
  • +2% All (Element) Tolerance -> Now +1%
  • +3% Neutral Tolerance -> Now +2%
  • +3% Demi-Human Tolerance  -> Now +2%
  • +4% Dragon & Undead Tolerance -> Now +3%
  • +15 HIT  -> Now HIT +9
  • -5% After-Cast Delay - > Now -3%
  • -10% Cast Delay - > Now -7%
  • +3% SP -> Remains the same.
  • +5% Medium/Small/Large size reduction - Remains the same.
The stats are still decent, but far less overwhelming than previously.


We have moderately to significantly reduced the Renewal equipment the drop rates (0.1%) and stats. They may still be considered useful alright, but they are no longer outstanding in comparison to mid~end-game Pre-RE equipment. Set bonuses have been stripped completely. Wiping them from inventories was, as you hopefully understand, not an option, as some players compounded cards upon them, as well as used secure/enriched ores.


To the players that were bummed out about their hard-earned equipment not being eligible for the random item option system - because they've been farmed before the maintenance - we have added an NPC (next to the Petal Point Shop) that allows you to run your pre-maintenance obtained equips through a random option attempt. Be aware that the rate preserves the same chance of success as regular random item monster drops (60% no option, 25% 1 option, 10% 2 options and 5% 3 options).  Attn: The NPC only works with equipment acquired from monsters, and you only get 1 attempt per piece of gear!

We are aware that the old NPC still gives the stats prior to this maintenance, the items will have the stats of the list above a day prior to WoE!


Both in reference to the complaints about the Kukre Card edit as well as other carded equipment that may no longer be desirable due to the random option alteration, the team has compensated all accounts with 3 Removal Coupons (in your account storage), completely free of charge, which you can use how you see fit. We hope it'll help you in re-working your gear set so shortly before WoE; we acknowledge this mistake is ours, after all.

And that's it. We remain at your disposal for further feedback and suggestions. However-- be aware that we - the lead devs - may be asleep the coming... 12 or so hours. Patiently bare with us while we recover.   :-[

- Simone & Jira
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