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Final Decision - Random Item Options & RE Equipment.
« on: May 01, 2020, 08:06:02 AM »
Hello everyone!

Since the previous measures we took to turn the Random Item Option system into a more pleasing one still wasn't getting the warm welcome we had hoped it would receive, we decided to release a Forum and a Discord poll the same day to get more clarity from the players in how they'd wish to see it changed.

Last night during a staff meeting, we have made a decision based on the votes and feedback gathered.  Before letting you know what this is, we would like to thank everyone for participating with such passion. The topic has clearly proven to be very controversial, but you've all given us a glimpse of many different perspectives, which we are thankful for. We can not promise that the eventual outcome is the one that you personally voted for, but we assure you that we've done our very best to take everyone's thoughts into consideration. At the very least, we hope the outcome would be good middle-ground.

Renewal Equipment

Has received an overwhelming vote to be removed from the Random Item Options system all-together. Now, as most of our players know, there are some RE equipment available that were already implemented before the release of the Random Item Option system, more specifically; The Lighthalzen 4 Bio Laboratory equipment, Scaraba's Hole equipment, El Dicastes equipment. While not many of these can be acquired through a monster drop tied to the Random Item Option system, we have decided to keep them in. I repeat, this only applies for the RE equipment already implemented before the release of the system (i.e Imperial Spear, Green Whistle, etc) - the rest will be removed.

What about obtained RE equipment already carded?
The card will be taken out and put back where you kept the RE equipment automatically. For example, if the card-compounded RE equip was in your storage, the card can be found in your storage; if in your inventory or if you had it equipped, then in your inventory. No GM assistance will be required.

What about obtained RE equipment already refined?
In a relatively short time span, it is near impossible for us to trace who used what exact ore to upgrade which piece of equipment, so we thought it best to compensate you as generously as possible. Therefore, every RE equipment piece (that becomes subject of wipe) obtained through the Random Item Option system refined over +4 will be compensated with 1 secure ore, but only if they have been refined before the creation of this post, not after, so please refrain from further upgrading them! Secure ores will be given manually by a lead developer/administrator. We kindly ask you to not make false request and waste our valuable time, if we find you being untruthful in your requests in attempt to get an undeserved compensation (yes; we do have logs, and yes; we will check), you can expect a penalty to be inflicted upon your account. We expect for you to understand that having us search for something that isn't there, is not the kind of distraction we need right now.

Random Options Over-Haul

Is a little more tricky, since it has received rather contradictory votes and feedback. A part of our community voted for not changing them anymore at all, whereas the other part voted for a significant nerf. The staff has acknowledged during our meeting last night that the current effects of options (despite the nerf of two days ago already applied) are still incredible powerful. To name an example, a near effortlessly obtainable Clip [1] with 3 very good options could easily surpass a Bradium Accessory- which is a notable problem, because Bradium Accessories are considered mid~end tier and should not easily be topped.   

For that reason, we have decided to tone down the effects a little more, making it so an option can not surpass an additional 3% anymore, but will in most cases only be 1~2% per option.  Furthermore, options will only be available anymore on Weapon, Armor & Shield.

What will be done with the current options applied to Garment, Shoes & Accessories?
They will be stripped entirely from their options.

What will happen to the stats of the Weapon, Armor & Shields already having options right now?
Equips with random option stats already obtained before the upcoming maintenance will be subject to the same reduction as newly acquired ones. We have no intention to change any statuses (other than the Holy Property enchantment on weapon- which we will replace with another). So, all your options will remain, their effect/percentage will merely be reduced to reflect the new change.

What about the RandomOptionManager NPC?
The RandomOptionManager is a temporarily NPC that shall remain in Prontera - next to the Petal Point Shop NPC - until the maintenance tonight. You will be able to roll your equipment (only the ones acquired through monster drop before the maintenance of last Monday!) through it until then.

And that's how it'll be done.   Finally, I wish to add a disclaimer that this will be the last change we'll be making in at least the next coming month. New systems and features need adapting to, and we want to give our community the chance to actually do that, before altering it further (if at all).

The maintenance to process the above changes will be done later Today, at 2PM server-time.
We aim to be done within 30 minutes, but please be aware that extensive, time-consuming queries need to be run in the live (player) database, so it may in fact take up to 2 hours.

As always, we thank you for your support, feedback and patience in helping us polish the server. And we hope the above sounds agreeable to everyone. ♥

- The Team
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