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Don't forget to patch, patch, patch!

Hey everyone! We're back online!


1. Server Paid Off

With much delight we hereby announce that the server has been officially paid off until the renewal date of our contract (February 2021), yay! Of course we anticipate to be open for much longer than that and will definitely sign for another year after, but we wanted to let you all anyway that you need not be worried of ReverieRO will be shutting down abruptly. We've gotchu covered and intend to stay here for a long time! ;)

2. About Petal Points

With summer edging closer, we unfortunately have to say goodbye soon to this year's Petal Point event and move to the next seasonal event. With that said, please duly note that you still have two weeks in order to save up your Petal Points and spend them on items in the Petal Point Shop. During the weekend of June 6th, the Lost Pickies event will be removed and the Petal Point Shop shall no longer be available.

I'd like to add that excess Petal Points will have no value anymore once the spring event components have been diminished (until next year's spring, anyway). Of course the team will send occasional reminders through Discord and in-game to inform you about the shop being taken down during the next maintenance, however-- if you pay no heed to these reminders and find yourself with a lot of Petal Points but no more shop to spend them on by the weekend of June 6th, be aware that is your responsibility and shall go without compensation from the ReverieRO staff. Thank you for understanding. ♥

3. Platform & Channel Usage

On to the next subject.  First, allow me to say that we are extremely grateful for everyone that wishes to help us better the server - because we all want that - however the staff would like to take this opportunity in order to remind our players to use the correct platform and/or channels in which we communicate certain opinions and matters. Let's run it down for you...
  • [Forum] Suggestions & Ideas : These will, at all times, need to be posted on the Forum through the suggestion submission form. If you DM a member of the ReverieRO team with ideas, our answer will always be the same; refer to the Forums. Nothing will ever be taken into consideration unless we have seen your suggestion spark evident interest within the majority of the community.
  • [Forum] Bug Reports : Same as above, bug reports need to be filed through the bug report submission form on the Forums. The #support channel in Discord is not where you submit bugs! - They'll get lost!
  • [Discord] #support : Then what is it for? Our Discord #support channel is intended for technical (read: installation) trouble and general ReverieRO inquiries, i.e where can you find x monster or do y quest.
  • [In-Game] #main : Use this channel to chat with your fellow ReverieRO players, but keep it light-hearted and fun for everyone to read! Suggestions, bug reports and complaints do not belong here. Refer to the intended platform (Forums) for those.
  • [Domain] Support Ticket : Do you have a question/concern/request that fellow ReverieRO players can not answer and/or does it not belong in any of the channels/platforms above? Or do you need to speak to a staff member for any other reason? Instead of DMing a staff member through Discord, please submit a support ticket! Your ticket ends up in a shared queue that all our staff have access to, which makes it much more convenient for us to keep track of on-going affairs instead of guessing who within the team has been handling what exact issue.
We would greatly appreciate it if you could abide by the instructions laid out above. Following those few simple guide-lines will make everyone's experience more pleasant and will less likely result in matters to be unintentionally over-looked. I feel obligated to add that by repeatedly ignoring a staff member's warning when (s)he says you're communicating in the wrong channel/platform, you risk penalties being inflicted upon your character/account.  Let's try to avoid that, shall we? 

Thank you so much for your co operation. ♥

Features & Highlights

These past two weeks, we have particularly focused on PK-related additions/changes. The majority can be found in the patch list at the bottom of this topic, but allow us to present a few that which we consider worth high-lighting.

1. WoE Participation

A change within our source has been made by Jira to ensure WoE participation is no longer measured by merely moving your character between cells. From now on, skill usage is also detected as activity and will earn you WoE participation points.

In case anyone is wondering-- yes, players with @hold toggled are also taken into consideration and shall be included during the point accumulation. So long you use a skill or move your character every minute your character will be not be detected as idle, which we expect should not be a problem during the War of Emperium.  :)

2. Battlegrounds Happy Hours

Twice a day, ReverieRO will have its Battlegrounds Happy Hour games, in which all participants will be receiving twice the amount of Battle Badges per game than they do outside of the Battlegrounds Happy Hours. We hope this will stimulate more players - new and old - to participate in BG more frequently, and that in time we can increase the player requirements to initiate BG games more.

The schedule is as follows:
  • Every Day: 10:30 - 11:30
  • Every Day: 22:30 - 23:30
Based on how often we see matches commence during the times listed above, the schedule may be subject to change.

P.s - A select few other improvements have been made to the Battlegrounds and related components. To learn about them, kindly refer to the patch notes. ~

3. PvP Scene

PvP has been said to be neglected and even non-existent in ReverieRO. In truth, the staff can not force players to go to PvP if they do not want to- some players enjoy it, others don't, and in ReverieRO it seems as if the majority of the players in the community don't. And that is perfectly okay, we all love different aspects of RO! ♥ 

However, that doesn't mean we can't subtly try to encourage the interest in it a little more. And so we attempt, very gradually, very carefully.

From this day forward, the PvP rooms have their own, separate PvP Warper available in every city. Above it's head is a chat bubble which displays the amount of players in each map. Additionally, we have implemented a #pvp channel in-game that we implore players to use if they wish to get some PvP (or GvG!) action started.

Cash Shop Updates

The 'Vivid Lavender Brush' and 'Removal Coupon' items are currently on sale. In exchange, the prices of 'Fluorescent Cyan Brush' and 'Magical Charm' have been restored to their original price.

The costumes for the coming two weeks are...

You can preview the costumes at the 'Costume Preview Service' in Prontera before purchasing any!

ATTENTION : Costume Decoration of Time is an effect based costume, so unlike the others you can not view it in the Costume Previewer! Refer to a GM in order to see it.

Patch Notes 23-05-2020:

    [Added] Separated Warper NPCs for the PvP rooms with a chat bubble above their head, displaying the player count inside the rooms.
    [Added] Battlegrounds Happy Hours event that grant double Battle Badges per match. Times can be viewed in the Event Board NPC or with the @eventtimes command.
    [Added] Four more channels: #bg (Battlegrounds), #lfp (Looking for party) #lfg (Looking for guild), #pvp (PvP). All set to auto-join.
    [Added] Triangle Rune Cap (5682), Sunflower Hairpin (5103), Balloon Hat(5379), Yellow Side Ribbon (5278), Virgo Crown (5598), Virgo Diadem (5599) to the Fashionista.
    [Added] The last batch of 8 pets! - Mistress of Shelter, Galion, Morroc's Minions (3), Eddga, Mistress & Pharaoh.
    [Added] A 'Costumes' tab in the @quests command, prompting the Costume Converter NPC in a similar fashion as it does the Fashionista.
    [Added] The Fledgling/Beginners equipment into the @quests command.
    [Added] A batch of 13 headgears acquirable from monster Headgear Drops into the Costume Converter NPC.
    [Added] A new Charm item: Casting Charm. Added to the Cash Shop and its box version in the Midgard Coin Rental NPC. Note: also available through un-bounding at the Charm Smith. ~
    [Added] A new convenience Infinite item: Infinite Magnifier that appraises all your inventory items in one click.  Available through the Cash Shop.
    [Added] An 'Aura Costume Box' item to the Cash Shop, contains all auras from > here < as well as all the > LHZ Bio Lab Auras <.
    [Changed] [Last Weekend] Enabled Dancer/Bard ensemble skills for solo characters. Note: Solo casting is only possible outside of GvG/WoE maps.
    [Changed] [Last Weekend] Fixed WoE traps duration to it's intended 4 minutes.
    [Changed] Lotus Wormhole Card now gives base ATK rather than weapon attack.
    [Changed] Reduction Charm now works on the Player race as well as Demi-Human.
    [Changed] Replaced the 'Wooden Block' requirements with 'Wooden Gnarl' (Fashionista's Well-Chewed Pencil quest).
    [Changed] Increased the Battle Badges accumulated in BG games. The winning team now receives 10, the losing side now receives 5. (rather than 9 and 3).
    [Changed] The Blue & White BG boxes now grant 150 potions per box (previously 50).
    [Changed] Replaced the +7 AGI bonus on Bradium Brooch with +5% ASPD. Boosted the +5 CRIT bonus to +7.
    [Changed] The Healer NPC now removes Steel Body, Bleeding and being Stripped.
    [Changed] Increased the Wootan Shooter spawn rate to 25 (previously 10).
    [Changed] Elven Arrows & Holy Arrows can now be quivered at Inventor Jaax (payon_in01 5, 134).
    [Changed] Loki's Veil now has a 75% chance of skill failure, and the check for failure only triggers once. Note: Temporarily WoE measure. More changes are pending.
    [Changed] The Lighthalzen Bio Laboratory 4 monsters & bosses have been subjected to a multitude of balance changes. Consult our monster database.
    [Changed] The 'Nest Hat Costume' has been replaced with the 'Vane Hairpin Costume' in the Petal Point Shop.
    [Changed] Cash Shop Costumes & Sale list.
    [Changed] The Costume Previewer item display IDs.
    [Changed] The Last Man Standing event has been subjected to the following changes:
                        - The event now lasts 10 minutes instead of 50.
                        - No rewards are given upon a draw.
                        - Dual clienting is no longer possible (only one character per unique ID can enter).
    [Changed] The Destroy the Crystal Battlegrounds has been subjected to the following changes:
                        - The crystals now have 300 HP.
                        - Players only deal 1 damage per ATK/MATK hit on the crystals.
                        - Skills can now be used on the crystals, but they only do 1 damage.
                        - The crystals can now be healed but exclusively with the Sanctuary skill. Bear in mind that it only heals 1 HP per time.
    [Fixed] [Last Weekend] Several palette crashes when a Third job characters were using their mount.
    [Fixed] Erde Maces' drop percentage to the intended rate.
    [Fixed] Prontera's guild territory missing warps (to Prontera field 1 and the south castle).
    [Fixed] A multitude of problems with skill levels and skill names in the Plagiarism option of the Special Services NPC.
    [Fixed] Cat O Nine Tails pet not giving the intended +3% ASPD.
    [Fixed] Long Mace item description lacking information.
    [Fixed] Neptune's Ocean Armor [1] drop rate to the intended 50%.
    [Fixed] Endless Cellar spawning 2x Whitesmith Harword at the boss floor instead of the intended 1x Harword and 1x Seyren.
    [Fixed] The Wind Dominion & Water Realm cards now have prefixes & suffixes.
    [Fixed] Missing resources/components in the world map.
    [Fixed] Missing visual slot for the Dolor Hat item.
    [Fixed] Mini Endless Tower displaying a 4 hours re-access delay instead of the intended 3.

And that marks the maintenance of today! We hope you are happy with the changes and additions and look forward to future maintenances delivered to you by your staff. The wiki will be updated over the course of the next few days to reflect our recent additions/changes. ♥

Remember to stay safe and sound. Wash your hands frequently and take no unnecessary risks! We're here for you, would you need for anything.


- rRO Staff

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