Author Topic: Renewal Items, Random Options, and Polling Descriptions.  (Read 243 times)


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Renewal Items, Random Options, and Polling Descriptions.
« on: April 28, 2020, 04:30:30 PM »
I want to start this entire post with a disclaimer, I am a new RO player this is the first server I have played more then a week on. I also have played a handful of grindy game so I feel like I have a firm understanding of how things work here on RO and for a wider genre of games.

Adding in Renewal items wasn't polled, and that's my biggest issue with this entire update. It wasn't something anyone knew was gonna be coming or had any voice in choosing. The Random Options on items was offered as a far out idea that was maybe happening after more thinking was done about it. All of these things weren't a known factor anyone on the server was aware was happening, that is a very bad thing for a community driven game to have.

As far as the renewal items go, I can't speak to deeply about this. I know that as a Bard/Sniper player that I will get benfits from this, I have already tried the White Wing Suit, at a +6 it does more damage then my Sniping Suit with a card in it. Which is a really big feel bad that Now I need to go out and refarm an item for a slot I had finished for endgame. I think thats the biggest issue with the Renewal items being added. It makes all previous items useless, because all these new and powerful items came out and ruined what we had, without knowing this was gonna happen. Especially when the drop rates for some items like the White Wing Suits were so dramatically messed up. A 10% drop rate, moved to a .1% drop rate means that all the people with the foresight to farm them on the day they were bugged will have saved 100% the time farming them to do whatever they wish with them. Which not only punishes people unsure if this update will stay but it also punishes the people on the server that cant login on a daily basis.

As for the Random options on items. I won't lie I voted for it on the discord poll. Coming from playing Path of Exile where 90% of the items are randomly rolled it sounded like fun. I didn't have the foresight to know that the mods able to be gotten would be so powerful and actually game breaking. There is no point to enchanting a random armour you get now. Just keep farming them until you get the stat you want as an Option then try and craft or enchant on it more. It makes the game infinitely more grindy to achieve min max. Which for some people might be a good thing but for most it seems like they aren't to happy about it.

Now comes my biggest issue, The poll talking about the random options on items was very vague and didnt tell us what sorta mods or any idea of what the system was gonna be like. This to me is the nail in the coffin for this. If I had known what the depth of adding this to our server was gonna be like I wouldn't have voted for it. How it was presented was something innocent like small little buffs on items that made them a little more powerful for those who was that little 5%-10% extra juice on their items.  As well as the addition of renewal items not even being mentioned or polled at all. If people wanted to play with renewal items I suppose they would go play a renewal server.

In conclusion I feel as if this whole addition was a big negative for the server, but if the community likes the changes It could be a positive, but so farm from my guild mates and others I've talked with and seen talking about the update they don't seem to happy about having to refarm their entire builds to stay competitive for the first WoE that is gonna happen in less then a week after the update.

I honestly think thats one of the larger issues with the update as well is the timing. It tosses WoE on its head and really makes it only viable for people who can frantically farm between now and when it starts. It kinda ruins it for the weekend warriors of our server. 

To the community at large. We need to hear your voices so the Dev team can know what the correct path is to take the server in.


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Re: Renewal Items, Random Options, and Polling Descriptions.
« Reply #1 on: May 02, 2020, 06:24:26 AM »
Thank you for writing such a detailed post. You as well as everyone else's valuable feedback has been addressed during a staff meeting two days ago and we have made improvements accordingly.

We hope to have remedied the concerns stated with the follow-up maintenance we have performed yesterday.