Author Topic: Happy 6 Months Anniversary, ReverieRO!  (Read 69 times)


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Happy 6 Months Anniversary, ReverieRO!
« on: August 01, 2020, 04:23:44 AM »

Hello everyone! I hope this message finds you and all those dear to you in good health! ♥

 When I checked out the calendar last week, I could hardly believe it, August was approaching which would soon mean ReverieRO has been up and running for 6 months already. Who would have thought? It felt like it was only yesterday when we launched the server. February 1st, I remember it fondly. Boy, time has certainly flown by. And now here we are, half a year later...

How much has happened since then, though. Both in the real world, as well as in the server.  Some of you may have been among us since the very beginning, whereas others might have joined slightly (or much) later. We've seen countless players come and go. Witnessed staff join and resign. Watched long lost friends reconnect, etc.   Certainly, there have been challenges, mistakes and obstacles. Which we fully acknowledge, for there is no success without failure. And that is okay, because the unrelenting support we've received from our community has made it all worth the while.  Know that we appreciate you so much. What we have accomplished would not have been possible if it weren't for you, our valuable players. 

We believe that, even in the midst of the pandemic outbreak we have regretfully found ourselves in, we should not cruelly deny ourselves the delights of celebrating hope and prosperity. So...

In celebration of ReverieRO's 6 months anniversary, we decided to gift you something special. ~
  • The Base & Job EXP rates have been increased to 60x until August 9th, effective immediately.
  • Each player shall get a gift box from the team when they log in, containing an exclusive surprise.

Please be informed of the following....
  • You must run the ReverieRO Patcher and re-login in order to avoid seeing an unknown item as gift. If it says patch process completed, you've already downloaded the necessary patch.
  • The gift box can only be claimed once per unique ID and - as stated above - will be given directly when you re-login. In the event you log in with your vendor (or another alt) after having obtained the gift box, make sure you transfer it to your main account. One of the items within is account bound, and you don't want it stuck on the wrong account and then having to pay a credit fee for an item transfer service request.
  • Players only have one week in order to claim the reward. The anniversary reward distribution will be removed during the upcoming maintenance (which is scheduled for next weekend), so don't miss out and get it while you can!

Screenshot of Launch Day (February 1st, 2020): ShowHide

Stay safe everyone, and have fun playing ReverieRO!


- rRO Staff

P.s - On an unrelated note, remember the Summer Ticket Trader will be taken out during the upcoming maintenance, which is scheduled for next weekend. Please spend your Summer Festival Tickets before then!

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