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Charms are ‘ETC’ items that are meant to sit in a player’s inventory instead of being equipped. As long as the player carries them, (s)he can benefit from their useful effect(s).

Currently, ReverieRO has 7 Charms, each can be obtained through the Cash Shop and/or by completing quests through the Charm Smith in Prontera’s Midgard Coin building. While you can stack different types of charms, the effects of each Charms will only apply once!

You can obtain these Charms by purchasing at the cash shop or completing the Charm Smith quest.

Casting charm.png Casting Charm

  • Reduces Casting time by 5%. Reduces After-Cast Delay by 3%

Experiencecharm.png EXP Charm

  • Increases EXP received from all (Non-Boss) monsters by 15%.

Magiccharm.png Magical Charm

  • Increases magical damage by 5%

Powercharm.png Power Charm

  • Increases physical damage by 5%

Rapidcharm.png Rapid Charm

  • Increases attack speed by 5%

Reductioncharm.png Reduction Charm

  • Increases resistance to Demi-Human enemies by 5%

Sprintcharm.png Sprint Charm

  • Increases movement speed by 5%