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@ Commands

You can find the complete list in-game by using @commands.

You can also have some help with all listed commands by using @help <command>.

NOTE: Commands may be subject to change. The GMs reserve the right to add, alter and/or remove commands whenever they see fit.

Player Position

  • @go (1-30; 40-43) - Warp to the desired location
    Example: @go 0 will warp you to Prontera
    • @go list - A list of all available warp locations will be displayed
Go List Locations
City Warps
0 Prontera
1 Morroc
2 Geffen
3 Payon
4 Alberta
5 Izlude
6 Al De Baran
7 Lutie
8 Comodo
9 Yuno
10 Amatsu
11 Gonryun
12 Umbala
13 Niflheim
14 Louyang
15 Prison
16 Jawaii
17 Ayothaya
18 Einbroch
19 Lighthalzen
20 Einbech
21 Hugel
22 Rachel
23 Veins
24 Moscovia
25 Midgard Camp
26 Manuk
27 Splendide
28 Brasilis
29 El Dicastes
30 Dewata
Special Warps
42 Eden Group
43 Easter Farm
44 Market
  • @load - Warp to the character's Save Point
  • @refresh - Request the server to refresh your current position

Server Configuration

  • @time - Current server's time
  • @rates - Display server's rates

Item Information

Always use ReverieRO's Item & Monster database for accurate information !

Some custom features may be different compared to other servers !

  • @iteminfo or @ii - Displays information about an item
  • @mobinfo or @mi - Displays information about a monster
  • @whereis MonsterNAME or @whereis MonsterID - Shows a map list in descending order of apparition where the selected monster respawn
    Example: @whereis Wounded Morroc or @whereis 1917 results in "Wounded Morroc spaws in: moc_fild22 (1)"
  • @whodrops ItemNAME or @whodrops ItemID - Shows a list of MAX 5 monsters that drops the selected item
    Example:@whodrops Specialty Jur or @whodrops 1264 results in "Common mobs with highest drop chance (only max 5 are listed): - Eremes (1635) 3.00%"

Drop(s) Management

  • @autoloot 1-100 - Set the drop loot rate of which your character is going to auto-loot items
    Example: @autoloot 5 you character will automatically pick-up all items dropped by monsters with a drop rate of 5% or below
  • @autoloottype +0-10 or @aloottype +0-10- Set a type item to be auto-looted
  • @autoloottype -0-10 or @aloottype -0-10- Set a type item to NOT be auto-looted
    Example: @autoloottype +5 will automatically pick-up ALL WEAPONS dropped
    After that, using @autoloottype +6 will automatically pick-up ALL CARDS dropped
    The final result is ALL WEAPONS & CARDS dropped will be auto-looted
    If you do not wish to auto-loot WEAPONS anymore, use @autoloottype -6
Loot types
0 Healing
2 Usable
3 Etc
4 Armor
5 Weapon
6 Card
7 Pet Egg
8 Pet Armor
10 Ammo
  • @alootid +ItemID - You can add items from your autoloot list (Max 10 items)
    Example : @alootid +947 will result in the character auto-looting the item Horn
  • @alootid -ItemID - You can remove items from your autoloot list (Max 10 items)
    Example : @alootid -947 will result in the character NOT auto-looting the item Horn
Note : You can combine all the commands related to drops to only pick-up the items wanted

Example : @autoloot 10, then @autoloottype -4 & finally @alootid +993

Your character will pick-up automatically all items that has a drop rate of 10% or below, except ARMOR items but including the item Green Live (Item ID #993)

EXP Management

  • @exp - Shows the character's current Base & Job Levels including the % (XX.XXX%)

@Example: @exp the result will be Base Level: 131 (88.953%) | Job Level: 70 (100.000%)

  • @showexp - Shows/Hides the EXP gained when killing monsters

Client Input Management


  • @me <Message> - Display a message with the character name in the following format *:NAME "MSG":"
    Example : @me I like ReverieRO will result in *:Destiny I like Reverie RO:*
  • @homtalk - Disable Humunculus' diaglogues (requires having one)
  • @pettalk - Disable Pets' diaglogues (requires having one)

Party Invite

  • @noask - Auto-reject incoming Party requests (if a party request is sent while this command is ON, the Sender Name's will be provided "Autorejected party invite from Destiny."

Killing Monsters

  • @noks - Prevents kill-stealing monsters from other players

Trade Requests

  • @autotrade - You have to be selling with a shop


  • @show_auras 0/1/2 - Enable/Disable the display of auras

Duel Commands

  • @duel PlayerNAME - Sends a duel invitation to the specified player
  • @accept - Accepts a duel request
  • @reject - Rejects a duel request
  • @leave- Leaves an accepted Duel
  • @invite PlayerNAME - Invites a player to join an ongoing duel (currently doesn't work as the max players within a duel is set at 2 people)

Informational Commands

  • @quests
  • @cards
  • @skills
  • @eventtimes
  • @rotd

Guild Commands

  • @breakguild - Disbands a guild (you must be the Guild Master)
  • @woereward - Claim your WoE victory rewards after a session (Castle owning guild only!)

Battlegrounds Commands

  • @bg - Toggles the Battlegrounds NPC menu
  • @bgmessage - Toggles the Battlegrounds announcements on/off

Special Commands

  • @claimcredits - Claim your Donation Credits (works only if a donation has been done & the inventory is not full)
  • @request <message> - Delivers a message to all online in-game GM's
  • @jailtime - If the character in jail, shows the remaining jail time
  • @changecolor - Shortcut to change your character's name (Requires having purchased (Cash Shop) & used the selected Name's Brush color)
  • @join <#channel name> / @channel join <#channel name> - Joins the specified Channel
  • channel leave <#channel name> - Leaves a specified Channel
  • @hominfo - Shows information about your humunculus (you need to have one)
  • @afk - Lets you wear an AFK hat, unable to make you move to a different cell.
  • @adopt - Lets you adopt 1 player. Player must be a novice and the adopting party must be a married couple in game. Regardless if its same-sex or not.
  • @showhpsp - Replaces the Party names with the character's exact HP/SP values
  • @changetitle- Shortcut to add title to in front of your character's name (Requires having purchased (Cash Shop) & consumed the required item.

Visual Effects Commands

  • @lgp - Toggles Light Graphic Plugin on/off
  • @circle - Toggles circle area on/off (Note: @lgp need to be enabled in order for this to work!)
  • @shake - Toggles shake area on/off (Note: @lgp need to be enabled in order for this to work!)
  • @aoes - Toggles area of effects on/off (Note: @lgp need to be enabled in order for this to work!)
  • @square - Toggles square area on/off (Note: @lgp need to be enabled in order for this to work!)

! Commands

These commands are exclamation mark commands, which means players must use ‘!’ in front of them to work instead of ‘@’.

  • !ping - Measures your ping during 2 minutes and states the average time of response between the player's client & the server
  • !vsync - Maintains effects but uses less visual (after-effect) resources.