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Midgard Coins

Midgardcoin.png One of ReverieRO's main currencies are Midgard Coins, which are dropped at a 0.10% by all monsters in the game. Furthermore, Midgard Coins can also be acquired by participating in automated Events, killing MvPs (3% drop chance), completing some of Nori’s quests, through Daily Rewards and as overachieving incentive.

What purpose do Midgard Coins serve?

  • They can be spent on a multitude of services and goodies in the ‘Midgard Coin Building’ north-west of Prontera's center square.
  • They are a necessity for some of the items offered by the Fashionista.
  • They are a quest ingredient for the majority of the ‘Asgard Equipment’ (pending implementation).

Rainbow Gems

Rainbowgem.png Rainbow Gems are dropped at a 0.01% by all monsters in the game, which essentially makes them the hardest item to obtain.

What are Rainbow Gems used for?

  • Rainbow Gems are a quest ingredient for the Fashionista’s slotted ‘Premium Headgear’.
  • The Charm Smith in the ‘Midgard Coin Building’ north-west of Prontera's center square requires Rainbow Gems in exchange for his service to un-bound rental charms, bought from the ‘Midgard Coin Rental’ NPC in the same room.

Donation Credits

Donationcredit.png Donation Credits are given as a token of thanks to those that have decided to support the server through a monetary contribution, so that the server owners can cover the monthly bills to keep the server running and well-maintained. ReverieRO strongly supports fair play, and thus the team has made it so Donation Credits can be obtained through both voting and donating.

7 Vote Points equal 1 Donation Credit. The value of 1 Donation Credit is $0.10.

Donation Credits can be spent in the Cash Shop interface as well as on the services that Prontera’s ‘Special Services’ NPC offers.

Battle Badges

Battle badge.png Battle Badges are given out to players that partake in the Battlegrounds and other PvP oriented Events. They can be traded-in for incredibly valuable equipment and consumables at the Battle Badge Shop NPC.

Event Points

Event Points are given out to winners of GM-Hosted events and forum contests, as well as seasonal (temporarily) automated events and quests. Similarly to Donation Credits, Event Points can be spent in the Cash Shop window, however - unlike Donation Credits - they can not be spent otherwise (like at the Special Services NPC). They are credited to your account and are therefore restricted from transferring. To see your Event Point balance, simply open the Cash Shop interface.

Petal Points

Event Points are ReverieRO's seasonal spring currency, that can be obtained by playing spring and Easter themed events. Check out the Petal Point Shop article for more.