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Just like any other games, ReverieRO is all about the fun and unique events! May it be automated, GM hosted or even player hosted! We got it all for you! Events will definitely make you go nuts for our server!

Automated Events

Event Board NPC in Prontera

The following events are rotational, which means that every few weeks, the GMs move one out for another. You can see the times and rewards that a Event Gives at the Event Board NPC which is located in Prontera 163, 198.

Active Events

Battlegrounds Happy Hours

Rise and shine as this event will give you an opportunity to get more BG badges!

Event Times: 10:30 - 11:30 and 22:30 - 23:30

Prize: Additional Battle badge.png Battle Badge instead of the regular rewards.

Disguise Event

Time to test your knowledge about RO and your typing speed! Fastest one with the correct spelling will win!

Event Times: 03:15, 09:15, 15:15, 21:15

Prize: Midgardcoin.png 1x Midgard Coin per first correct guess.

Exploding Melons

The Exploding Melons event is a survival game. The objective is to stay alive by avoiding the melons as long as you can.

Event Times: 01:15, 07:15, 13:15, and 19:15

Prize: Summer festival ticket.gif 3x Summer Festival Ticket

Redeem your Summer Festival Tickets at the Summer Ticket Trader

Guild Dungeon Happy Hours

Four days a week, at a specific time, two guild dungeon castles will become accessible. However, in order to preserve a healthy dose of competition, as well as a high demand for the loot that can be acquired inside, the guild dungeons shall only be opened for one hour, hence why we'll refer to it as happy hours.

Event Times:

  • Tuesday - Schwaltzvalt Realm: 08:00 - 09:00, Arunafeltz Realm: 20:00 - 21:00
  • Thursday - Arunafeltz Realm: 09:00 - 10:00, Schwaltzvalt Realm: 21:00 - 22:00
  • Saturday - Schwaltzvalt Realm: 18:00 - 19:00
  • Sunday - Arunafeltz Realm: 06:00 - 07:00

When it happens to be one of the days and times specified above, a Portal NPC will spawn slightly south of Prontera's central square. All you have to do is speak to it and it'll warp you to your guild dungeon destination.

Please pay attention to the following...

  • For the portal to allow you through, players must be at least Base Level 90.
  • Please be warned that guild vs. guild is enabled within the guild dungeons, so you actually have to fight for your loot!
  • To further spice it up, Teleportation -- either through the skill or item usage -- is disabled in the dungeons.
  • Once an hour has passed, the portal NPC will disappear and everyone in the guild dungeon will be warped back to Prontera.

Prize: The loot and EXP acquired.

Last Man Standing

The objective of the Last Man Standing event is to - as the name implies - be the Last Man Standing on the map. It is a PvP oriented event, which means you can attack and kill other players and event lasts for 10 minutes.

Be aware that the event has the following restrictions:

  • Wizards are unable to use the 'Ice Wall' skill.
  • Players are unable to Teleport or consume items inside -- with that said, be sure to consume your necessities before you enter!
  • Friendly fire is enabled, which means party settings are ignore.

Event Times: 00:15, 12:15

Prize: Battle badge.png 10x Battle Badge

Treasure Chest

Its TREASURE time!! Who does not love hunting treasure chest with goodies? Try your extreme luck with hunting these treasure chests in a short period of time.

Event Times: 05:15, 11:15, 17:15 & 23:15

Prize: Midgardcoin.png 3x Midgard Coin and treasure chest loot.

Inactive (Automated) Events

GM Hosted Events

Scheduled Events

Every Sunday at 2PM server time a staff member of the ReverieRO team will host an event. These are usually bigger events such as Bloody Branch parties, Endless Tower raids, or other (harder) dungeon runs (such as Lightning Dominion, Water Realm, Bio Laboratory 4). The GM may take event requests but is not obligated to.

Kindly note that GMs do not require to reward players after these type of events, because the loot/drops are often very valuable already!

Sporadic Events

Sometimes a member of the team hosts smaller events, such as Hide & Seek, Guess the Monster, Dice, etc. During these type of games, the participants/winners have a chance to obtain Event Points, which can be spent in the Cash Shop interface.

Forum Contests


Currently none on-going.