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You have created your character and entered the game. The first thing you see is a small but beautiful environment containing cute monsters. Upon opening your equipment window, you’ll notice you’ve been given a few useful equipment to get you started:

If you’ve read the dialogue displayed in-game, you should know what to do (open the ‘Starters Pack’ located in your inventory, and then kill some monsters in order to reach Job Level 10).

The contents of the Starters Pack are:

  • 1x Locked Beginners Manual
  • 1x Locked Life Insurance
  • 3x Locked Kafra Card
  • 3x Light Concentration Potion
  • 50x Light Orange Potion

After completing the task at hand, you will be teleported to the capital city of Prontera where you can change your job.

ReverieRO is designed in such a newbie-friendly way that it takes new players hardly any effort to find their destination. Simply follow the navigation arrows leading you inside the Character Service Building and speak to the Job Master. Have you chosen a job? Excellent, you may head outside again. The arrows will send you to Nori next. Nori is the main quest NPC, which new players should definitely consider doing. For those completely new to the world of Ragnarok Online, she will provide you with great indication if you don’t know where to go.

The majority of the services and necessities can be found in Prontera. What we recommend you to do next is to speak to the Server Guide in the center. Take your time to browse through her menu, she has a lot to teach you about server features, specifications and customizations. As a new player, it is well-worth a read.

Have fun!

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