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There are a lot of useful items in Ragnarok Online - headgears in particular - that originally can not be obtained in the game. We thought this to be a shame and decided to make a change.

In our server, some monsters will drop a headgear that resembles their sprite at a 0.1% rate. If you would like to look like a Poring, then its your time to get that Poring Hat of your dreams.

If you are unsure of what is available, kindly CTRL + F to see the available headgears or search a monster who you think will drop the said item.


Available Headgears
Item Name Dropped by
Alice doll.png Alice Doll(1) Alice.gif Alice
Angeling hat.png Angeling Hat(0) Angeling.gif Angeling
Anubis helm.gif Anubis Helm(0) Anubis.gif Anubis
Cactus hat.png Cactus Hat(0) Muka.gif Muka
Catfoot Hairpin.png Catfoot Hairpin(1) Cat O Nine Tails.gif Cat O' Nine Tails
Chick hat.png Chick Hat (0) Picky.gif Picky
Crown of misstress.png Crown of Mistress(0) Mistress.gif Mistress MVP!


Available Headgears
Deviling hat.png Deviling Hat(1) Deviling.gif Deviling
Deviruchi hat.png Deviruchi(0) Deviruchi.gif Deviruchi
Dokebi horn.png Dokebi Horn(1) Dokebi.gif Dokebi
Dolor hat.png Dolor Hat(1) Thanatos dolor.gif Thanatos Dolor
Drooping Minion.png Drooping Minion(1) Incarnation of Morroc.gif Incarnation of Morroc
Drooping nine tail.png Drooping Nine Tail(1) Nine tail.gif Nine Tail
Evil snake lord hat.png Evil Snake Lord Hat(1) Evil snake lord.gif Evil Snake Lord MVP!
Fish head hat.png Fish Head Hat(0) Swordfish.gif Swordfish
Frog hat.png Frog Hat(0) Roda frog.gif Roda Frog
Frog king hat.gif Frog King Hat(1) Toad.gif Toad


Available Headgears
Geographer band.png Geographer Band(0) Geographer.gif Geographer
Gryphon hat.png Gryphon Hat(0) Gryphon.gif Gryphon
Hello mother hat.png Hello Mother Hat(0) Arc angeling.gif Arch Angeling
Helm of abyss.png Helm of Abyss(1) Abysmal knight.gif Abysmal Knight
Horn of ancient.png Horn of Ancient(1) Baphomet jr..gif Baphomet Jr.
Imp hat.gif Imp Hat(1) Imp.gif Imp


Available Headgears
Kettle Hat.png Kettle Hat(0) Waste Stove.gif Waste Stove
King tiger doll hat.png King Tiger Doll Hat(1) Eddga.gif Eddga MVP!
Leaf cat hat.png Leaf Cat Hat(0) Leaf cat.gif Leaf Cat
Legionnaire Hat.gif Legionnaire Hat(1) Cruiser.gif Cruiser
Little angel doll.png Little Angel Doll(0) Solace.gif Lady Solace
Lunatic hat.png Lunatic Hat(0) Lunatic.gif Lunatic


Available Headgears
Magnolia hat.png Magnolia Hat(1) Magnolia.gif Magnolia
Moonlight flower hat.png Moonlight Flower Hat(0) Moonlight Flower.gif Moonlight Flower MVP!
Horn of ancient.png Nipper Crab Hairpin(0) Crab.gif Crab


Available Headgears
Pecopeco hairband.png Pecopeco Hairband(0) Peco peco.gif Peco Peco
Poporing cap.png Poporing Cap(0) Poporing.gif Poporing
Red deviruchi cap.png Red Deviruchi Cap(0) Diabolic.gif Diabolic
Remover hat.png Remover Hat(0) Remover.gif Remover
Rideword hat.png Rideword Hat(1) Rideword.gif Rideword


Available Headgears
Santa poring hat.png Santa Poring Hat(1) Santa poring.gif Santa Poring
Savage babe hat.png Savage Babe Hat(1) Savage babe.gif Savage Babe
Seal hat.png Seal Hat(0) Seal.gif Seal
Sea-otter hat.png Sea-Otter Hat(0) Sea otter.gif Sea Otter
Sheep hat.png Sheep Hat(0) Goat.gif Goat
Sleeper Hat(0) Sleeper.gif Sleeper
Snake head hat.gif Snake Head Hat(1) Boa.gif Snake / Boa
Sting hat.png Sting Hat(0) Sting.gif Sting
Tendrilion Hat.gif Tendrilion Hat(0) Tendrilion.gif Tendrilion
Turtle hat.png Turtle Hat(0) Assaulter.gif Assaulter
Umbrella hat.gif Umbrella Hat(0) Karakasa.gif Karakasa


Available Headgears
Wild rose hat.png Wild Rose Hat(1) Wild rose.gif Wild Rose


Available Headgears
Yoyo hat.gif Yoyo Hat(0) Yoyo.gif Yoyo
Zealotus Mask.png Zealotus Mask(0) Zealotus.gif Zealotus

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