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Basic Information

✔ Pre-Renewal

✔ Max Level 150/70

✔ 30x Base & Job EXP rates

✔ 30x MvP & Quest EXP rates

✔ 30x Card & 10x Equipment drop rates

✔ 6x Item-granting Card rates, with a cap of 5% (Myst Case Card, etc)

Starters Supplies

Guild Transfer Package

✔ 192 Max ASPD

✔ 160 DEX Insta Cast

✔ High-End Dedicated Game Machine

✔ Bullet-Proof Anti-DDoS System


ReverieRO is a passionately handcrafted mid-rate server with astonishing customizations to game-play and visual appearance, upholding a strong no pay to win policy since day 1. The server's competent, multinational team strives to deliver an immersive experience by combining old Ragnarok Online classics with completely new and modified content. Deep-dive with the rest of the community in a most refreshing take on the battle against evil within Rune Midgard and beyond!


What makes us different? Among many others, Reverie's features include amazing environments such as the beautiful seasonal themes of the capital city ━ Prontera ━ which accommodates dozens of NPC, some never seen before in Ragnarok Online. Be sure to explore the vast character Style & Fashion opportunities that the server offers, such as: a ton of hairstyles, an extensive amount of clothing & hair color palettes, as well as the ability to switch between outfits of your class branch (including the alternative third job set). Furthermore, ReverieRO offers a generous amount of diverse auras to choose from upon reaching the max level!

Player Perks such as Voting for points with a server-wide monthly vote goal system to promote unity, daily presents that only requires players to log in in order to collect, player peak gifts when certain online milestones are reached and a Multi Job Master that lets players reborn into jobs different from the one they started out with. Witness fascinating inventory Charms, a colored character name modification, +5x bonus EXP during the weekend, hundreds of Headgear Quests, Headgear Drops as well as Costume Quests, plenty daily EXP quests to complete, exhilarating altered Cards effects, completely new Custom Equipment pieces, a revamped Guild Creation Quest system, multiple custom Currencies which can be obtained through voting, events and/or defeating monsters.

Party Play

The server packs a hard punch in terms of fierce Dungeons, which will leave the players hungering for more and more challenge. Be sure to bring a friend or three to tackle the all new, unique Instances, filled to the brim with the most vicious of foes. With the increased the party EXP share range to 30 levels, as well as the customized EXP bonus of 50% EXP per party member (when shared) and an additional 50% EXP attacker bonus, ReverieRO promotes party play to a new height entirely! And the enthusiasm of the community clearly shows for it.

The server guarantees a fresh, blissful ragna-rocking experience to new players and hardcore RO enthusiasts alike.

ReverieRO was found by Simone at February 1st, 2020.

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