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As a Pre-RE server, ReverieRO does not have third classes available, however the ‘Dress Room’ NPC in Prontera gives players the option to switch between all the sprites of your class branch in exchange for a small fee.

For example, as a Paladin character you can get the appearance of the following classes: the Crusader class, the official Royal Guard class, and the alternative Royal Guard class costume.

Bare in mind that class costumes/outfits are strictly cosmetic. The character will only look like the class of your choice but nothing else changes. There will be no differences in skills or equipment requirements.

What do third jobs classes and third job alternative costumes look like? Take a look! (Left is original, right is alternative).



Tired of seeing the same aura on every max level character in the game? Good new for you, in ReverieRO players to be able to choose between various colored auras! The ‘Special Services’ NPC in Prontera offers 8 different aura options (including a blank one) completely free of charge. The only thing you need to do is first reach the maximum Base Level (150).

Additional note: You can use the “@show_auras 0/1/2” command for more personalized flexibility.

  • 0 = Displays the aura of all max leveled characters. (Default).
  • 1 = Displays aura only on your character.
  • 2 = Disable displaying everyone’s auras.


Colored Names

Bright up your character’s name with ReverieRO's beautiful colored Paint Brushes! They're available in all the colors of the rainbow! The majority of these are available in the Cash Shop UI, however, a selected few may be obtainable in the future through questing or as a unique GM hosted event reward or contest.

Caution : The brushes can only be consumed once and the effect is tied to your character, not account!

Here’s an image of what they look like. After applying a brush, you can toggle the in-game menu with the @changecolor command.



You finally got the headgear you’ve been meaning to obtain- great effects, highly upgraded, the ideal card compound on it, but you... do not like how it looks on your character at all! This is exactly where costumes come in. Costumes in essence are headgears that overlap the sprite of your actual headgear, so you can look fabulous without having to worry about losing your useful headgears' stats. ReverieRO currently has 700+ Costumes implemented, and counting. However, not all of them are available at the same time- the Cash Shop will only offer 8 costumes every two weeks. This way, you can be sure to be pleasantly surprised when we offer a refreshing new selection to choose from when we release an update!

In addition, quite a few of the more classic sprites can be acquired through quest at the Costume Converter at the Midgard Coin Building in Prontera.

Lastly, the gamblers among us may be interested in Costume Boxes, they’re cheaper than purchasing a costume directly, but on the flip side you’ll never know which one you’re going to get. Dare you take that risk?

CostumeBox.png Normal Costume Box - Contains non-animated upper/middle/lower headgear costumes (not included in the Costume Converter NPC).

CostumeBox.png Rare Costume Box - Contains animated upper/middle/lower headgear costumes (not included in the Costume Converter NPC).

CostumeBox.png Aura Costume Box - Contains lower headgear animated (aura) costumes (not included in the Costume Converter NPC).

Caution! - The following costumes are NOT in any boxes:

  • C Fluttering Butterfly (5914)
  • C Fluttering Angel Feathers (5979)
  • C Maple Which Falls (20154)
  • C Decoration of Time (20246)
  • C Floating Stone (31391)
  • C Moon & Star Accessory (18742)
  • All Costumes Costumes
  • Recently (newly) implemented Costumes.

Hair Styles

Clothing & Hair Colors