War of Emperium

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War of Emperium, or WoE for short, is a special weekly battle in which guilds contest over ownership of castles. Owning a castle allows a guild to have their own physical headquarters and gain access to special dungeons and treasure boxes. To take over a castle, guilds must take down the Emperium located in each castle's unique Emperium room. Once conquered, the guild must defend the castle from other guilds for the duration of the WoE period in order to keep the castle.

As WoE is a weekly event, each guild can only keep a castle for about a week and must work to retake the castle in the next WoE if they wish to keep it for another week.


Schedule has been determined through a public Discord poll.

  • Day: Wednesday
  • Time: 18:00 - 19:00
  • Castle: Skoegul (Prontera 4)
  • Day: Saturday
  • Time: 12:00 - 13:00
  • Castle: Skidbladnir (Schwartzvald 5)


Disabled Skills

  • Assumptio
  • Back Slide
  • Basilica
  • Cultivate Plant
  • Endure effect (still gives to you MDEF bonus) <- Only the endure effect is disabled.
  • Hocus-pocus
  • Ice Wall
  • Moonlight Water Mill
  • Intimidate
  • Teleport
  • Warp Portal

Disabled Items

  • Pets (cannot be hatched)

As of now, all other items are enabled! Be aware that - depending on the feedback received - the ReverieRO team reserve the right to make changes on this department.

Battle/Damage Changes

  • Flee is reduced by 20%.
  • Long range normal attacks are reduced by 25%.
  • All skill-based damage except Pressure and Gravitational Field is reduced by 50%.
  • Traps last 4 times as long.
  • All knock back effects are disabled. Some skills like Cicada Skin Shed may lose some functionality due to this.
  • Equipment preventing skills to be canceled during casting (phen card and similar items) do not function.
  • The 'Guild Approval' skill must be learned in order for your guild members to hit the Emperium.

Other Gameplay Changes

  • Damage numbers do not appear.
  • /mineffect is automatically activated.
  • A character's guild emblem is shown above their head.
  • Death does not cause experience loss.

Custom Changes

  • Guilds can hold 30 members at max level.
  • Participation points can be earned (see below).

Participation Reward System

Next to the 'Battlegrounds' NPC in Prontera, you'll find another NPC named 'Siege Recruiter'. She'll offer you zeny for every minute you actively participate in the War of Emperium, as well as Siege Stars- a special currency which can be traded in for astonishing costumes, a few that are exclusively obtainable through this particular NPC! Victors will be able to reap even more rewards....

Participation Rules

This system is suppose to be fun and fair for everyone so a few rules have been set in place.

  • Players must be in a guild in order to obtain participation points!
  • Idling for longer than a minute will halt the participation points.
  • Participation points can only be turned-in for Siege Stars once WoE is over, not during.
  • Claim your participation points before the session of next week! If points remain unclaimed for the whole week, they will be lost when the next session starts.
  • Exploiting the participation point system will be considered severe abuse and therefore is a punishable offense. So if you were considering to bring an army of dual clients and have them auto follow your main client that's walking around in circles in the castle (hidden or otherwise), you are hereby warned! Ignore this warning and you will see all your participation points and Siege Stars taken away, including those of your main character. Repeatable offenses will result into a full ban from WoE on your entire machine.

Victors Reward

On top of the participation rewards that all attending guild members are eligible for, the guild that claims the castle at the end of WoE also gets rewarded with the following:

  • 5 Additional Siege Stars
  • 5 Battle Badges
  • 5 Midgard Coins

Disclaimer: The above rewards are only given to single client users, and having a few free slots in your inventory window is mandatory in order to receive them!

Additional Notes

  • Guild mates are considered allies in castles and can not attack each other. Members cannot be expelled, and alliances cannot be broken, by members inside a castle. Guild members can communicate through the #ally channel.
  • Only normal attacks can damage the Emperium; All active skills miss (except Pressure and Gravitational Field).
  • After a castle is claimed, other guilds can immediately re-enter the castle again.