Guild Transfer Package

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Have you and your Guild members transferred to ReverieRO from another server? Then we have good news for you! You may be eligible for a guild transfer package.

Package Content

The Guild Leader is given....

The Guild Members are given....

Terms & Conditions

  • Request must be submitted by the Guild Leader through the Guild Transfer Package submission form. Once this has been done, a Game Master will contact the Guild Leader through Discord, usually within 48 hours after making your request.
  • The Guild must bring a minimum of 6 unique/different players (Guild Leader included) in order to be eligible for a Guild package, but there is space to fill up to 10 names in the form. If you have more than 10 members, fill in as many names as the form allows, then kindly wait until a GM contacts you through Discord. You will be able to state additional player names.
  • All the character names filled in the form must have already been created by your members and spelled accurately.
  • Players are only eligible if they have played the server for less than 2 weeks. While your submission won't be denied if you have members listed down that have played for longer than 2 weeks, these members will be skipped when the packages are sent out.
  • Some contents in the package can not be transferred, so please submit the character names of your guild members that they want to receive the package on (getting EXP manuals on a level 150 character will be pointless)!
  • A Guild Transfer Package can only be claimed once per individual! This entails one in total, not one character, per Guild Leader, or one per Guild. It means, if you have received a package before, you can not receive one a second time, and your name would not count if filled in onto the form (either by yourself or anyone else). Be informed that by submitting a request more than once, you risk penalties being inflicted upon your account by the GM teams discretion.

Once a submission has been reviewed and approved, the items will be delivered to every member of the Guild through the RODex mailing system.